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Hi, my name is Rachel Maser!

I am first and foremost a mother to 4 young adults- all born within a 5-year time period (whew!). During the early years, my family was eating a lot of refined sugars & many prepackaged foods (plus I followed what the moms on commercials were doing– baking cookies every day).

Little did I know these sugar-filled foods were causing me to crave MORE sugar and not feel my best. I shrugged it off to: "WELL, I'M JUST GETTING OLDER. THIS IS HOW I'M SUPPOSED TO FEEL NOW." But after months of research, I realized that wasn’t true at all!  
EVERYTHING changed once I started getting proper nutrition.

This has made me extremely passionate about teaching the concept of real food tasting great & being very SIMPLE to prepare (Because families need access to fun, easy, inexpensive, real-food ideas that are doable on a busy weeknight!) 

So for almost ten years, I’ve been sharing my own clean food ideas and recipes, including inside my Facebook group (which has grown to over 250,000 amazing individuals!) where now I support women like you to feel their best, mentally & physically.

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Because the more happy and healthy people on this planet, the better!

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