Would you like to learn how to make simple, gluten free & all natural homemade treats?

{ And They Taste Delicious, are Easy to Make, and won't cost a fortune either! }

Ok Seriously this was incredibly simple and oh my delicious.  Thank you @CleanFoodCrush.  You've inspire me to eat clean.  I believe, I offically have a clean food crush!  Rachel you are awesome!


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Just a few of the recipes included:

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    Frothy Protein Hot Cacao

    Warm up when it's chilly! 

    All it takes is 4 incredients and one minute in the blender.   Enjoy with someone you love! 

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    Double Chcolate Chip Cookies 

    Sooo good!  no grain, no added sugar, no gluten, and so simple! 

    5 Ingriedents and 12 minutes in the oven.  That's it!  

  • Frozen Raspberreies & Chocolate Bars

    Protein Packed & Quick!

    5 Ingreidents and 4 hours in the freeze, then slice into deliciousness.   

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  1. Healthier versions of Traditional Desserts - When I was picking out the recipes to include in this cookbook, I wanted to make sure they still tasted like our childhood holiday memories.   {Belly Ache Not Included}
  2. Simple - Let's face it, it's the holidays, we are already busy!  
    I made sure that these recipes were the most time effective treat we could create, without sacraficing quality, taste, and FUN!
  3. Kids won't know the difference!   Believe it or not, when my kids tried these recipes one of them said, "Mom these taste just like the ones you used to buy, but better!"  
    {P.S.  This was specifcally, about the Clean Peppermint Patties.}
  4. NO Refined Sugar  in Any of these Recipes
    Look, I used to be ADDICTED to refined sugar, I wanted everything to do with refined sugar.  And I was also carrying 30 extra lbs on my body.   Coincidence, I think not.  Refineded sugars simply cause your body to store fats. 
  5. It Makes a Great Gift!   Even if you're not gluten free, or into eating all natural , or hate dessert {GASP!} you probably know someone who is.   Many of my friends have already told me that this would make for the perfect gift for someone they know.   Do you?

About The Author - Rachel Maser

Hi!  I'm Rachel.  

I'm a mom to 4 young children who were all born within a 5 year time period.  (Whew!)  They are the highlight of my life.  I LOVE yoga, I lift weights a few times a week.  Some days I even love to run.  Fitness is a HUGE part of who I will always be, because it makes me feel strong.  I started posting clean food ideas for my close friends in the summer of 2013.  Now, I have a A LOT of friends. :) 

I'm extremely passionate about teaching the concept of real food tasting great & being simple to prepare.  I like to leave the science & education of healthy eating to the pros.  My creations are always about real, whole food.  I know I feel better when I fuel my body this way.   

I plan to spend my life advocating real food, because I know proper nutrition changes lives.  I want people to feel their best, mentally & physically. Proper diet can do this!   Families need access to fun, easy, inexpensive, real food ideas that are doable!

If simply seeing a picture helps someone choose to eat veggies that day, then my efforts are worth it!  It's so much more than just the food. It's about increasing quality of life.

The more happy, healthy people on this planet the better!

I'm having so much fun getting to know each of you!  Thank you for joining me on this journey.

<3 Rachel

Available Today for Less Than $10

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