Witty, Savvy, Highly-Experienced, High-Profile Blog Writer Wanted!

Have you Written Food Related Articles for High-Profile Magazines? This could be for you!

CleanFoodCrush has been around for nearly ten years, has over a million followers and we’re looking to improve our content to better serve our audience.

Here's a description of the CFC audience:

  • Female 45+ (45-55. 55-65)
  • **About half are around 50 where kids are starting to move out for college and they can finally take care of themselves
  • Many are busy, on the go, nurses, business owners, busy moms, sales, teachers,
  • She is generally aging, willing to invest money into her health, has seen friends or her husband get sick from neglecting their physical self.
  • She buys healthy cookbooks & plans but rarely uses them.
  • She goes food shopping and certain items "sneak" their way into her cart.
  • Healthy and fresh foods just go to waste in her fridge.
  • She skips meals throughout the day, only to overeat at night.
  • She feels drawn to sugary foods, even when she knows that they're not good for her.
  • She is so confused about what to eat throughout the day.
  • Some days she eats super healthy and works out extra hard just to balance out the day before.


  • This is a fad diet / scam / they bought other things and it didn't work
  • Not making a change and getting sick, health issues, age related issues,
  • Food will be more expensive.
  • Not having the time to prep meals, eat all the meals, etc.
  • Doesn't know how to cook
  • Hates vegetables
  • Tried everything - this won’t work
  • My husband is very picky/I have no support at home
  • Husband and kids won’t like the recipes
  • How will the family respond
  • Not enough time to make the food and meals or read the plan


  • Weight loss, reduction of their meds, physically looking better, they no longer want to struggle with their weight, change from plan to plan, they have health issues from the doctor etc.

Self-perception/Who they identify as/ Who they want to become:

  • Many of our best clients are Moms who can relate to Rachel, they identify as someone who is aging and has been focused on their family for years and want to return back to themselves. They want to be their healthier younger self.


  • On the go, busy, usually living a life in service of others (their kids, the people they work with, giving back to their community)

What We're Looking For:

Two articles per month that are informative around food. The articles should be geared towards things like:

  • Teaching people about foods and their origins
  • How different and flavors can work together
  • Spices they may never have heard of or tried before
  • Using foods in a way they may not have ever tried before

We are looking for a Creative, Autonomous writer who can bring her/his own ideas to the table and needs very little input in return other than approval.


We would also love someone who is a registered dietician. This is NOT required at all. We are happy to welcome more than one writer so if you are attracted to this job and feel you have the expertise to write at a “high-profile/high-quality” level, please apply.

What We Don't Want:

For liability reasons, we want to avoid any medical claims. If there are health benefits that can be verified by the NIH or peer reviewed journals we can quote and cite those, but this isn’t the kind of content we want to focus on.


Compensation will be based on experience and quality of sample writings.


(Note these details for a successful application.) You’re a writer. How you apply is going to tell us a lot about working with you. We won’t lead this process out because we’re looking for an autonomous creator. Simply put - ask all the pertinent questions and tell us everything that we need to know to consider you for the job.  If you've written for high-profile magazines, we'd love to see that work.

Email us at editor [at] cleanfoodcrush [dot] com with the subject line: I'll CRUSH This Application!  Failure to use the designated subject line will result in your application being dimissed.  Details matter. 🙂

Important to Note:

We LOVE our team. We have a miniscule attrition rate. We are looking for someone who’d love to have a long-term relationship with us. If you’re hired, you will be paid on time and highly valued.

We look forward to our future together!❤️

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