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16Oct, 21

Layered Sweet Potato Salad A GORGEOUS make-ahead salad for entertaining! Not only is it BEAUTIFUL, but it’s super convenient to serve guests. To assemble your layered salad, use a clear glass bowl with straight sides as shown to create this gorgeous layered look. There’s no doubt we first eat with our eyes! Bright layers just Read More!

15Oct, 21

Healthier Turkey Swedish Meatballs We’ve had a lot of requests for Swedish Meatballs throughout the years – and I’ve finally created a recipe that I’m really happy with! Flavorful meatballs, creamy sauce, and ingredients you’ll feel REAL GOOD about feeding your family. I served these babies over cauliflower mash, but they would be great served Read More!

13Oct, 21

Steamed Garden Beans 🌱 This recipe is ridiculously simple but it’s also a permanent staple at our house because they’re just really good! My favorite part about this recipe is that these green beans taste delicious when eaten cold – so they are PERFECT for cold lunches or meal prep! Trust me, there’s something about Read More!

8Oct, 21

Breakfast Quinoa Taco Bowls 🍅🌱🥑 Everyone is always looking for new breakfast ideas, as it seems that is one meal we get in a rut and lean towards our “usual”. These quinoa bowls are full of all the “taco-style” tasty goodies while also being packed with an impressive balance of macronutrients and micronutrients! While we Read More!

4Oct, 21

Easy Roasted Vegetables Many of our readers know that I absolutely adore roasted vegetables – once I discovered roasted vegetables as a cooking method in my early 30’s I started eating A LOT more vegetables every day…because THEY’RE JUST SO TASTY! So here’s another EASY and DELICIOUS variation for you to make and serve alongside Read More!

2Oct, 21

Pesto Chicken + Tomato Skillet 🍅🌱 Can’t ever have enough GOOD chicken recipes! Our Pesto Chicken + Tomato Skillet is quick and fairly simple, yet it has lots of flavors thanks to the wine and homemade pesto. Serve over quinoa or cauliflower rice and just wait until the compliments roll in! Each time I make Read More!

1Oct, 21

Caprese Crustless Quiche 🍅🌱🍅 A Super Tasty idea for those fresh tomatoes sitting on your counter! Quiche is an eggcellent ☺ protein-packed meal ANY TIME of the day – think Sunday Brunch or even a fast easy Dinner for tonight! The Caprese-inspired flavors in this dish are fresh and very satisfying. As Summer has now Read More!