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20Jun, 21

Alcohol-Free Ripe Peach Coolers 🍑🌱🍹 I promised you lots of refreshing + creative mocktails this Summer….so let’s keep them coming because it’s a hot one! If you’ve ever eaten a ripe-juicy peach just picked from the tree, you know they’re a real treat! We love getting fresh peaches from any of the local farmer’s stands more »

19Jun, 21

Salmon Chopped Salad 🌱🍅🥒 I absolutely adore chopped veggie salads. That’s pretty obvious because we sure have a lot of them here on the CFC website. If you’re looking for a simple dish to bring to that Get-together that’ll impress: this is a good one. When the produce is fresh, inexpensive, and at its peak more »

18Jun, 21

PB & Jelly Yogurt Bark 🥜 This is a FUN treat the kids can help you make! Kids are more likely to try new things if we get them involved in the process. So don’t forget to use kitchen time as a bonding and learning tool for the children in your home. The rewards are more »

16Jun, 21

Alcohol-Free Strawberry Margaritas 🍹🌴🍓 Anyone who knows me, knows I enjoy a good homemade strawberry margarita out on the patio throughout the summer months – goes especially well with the delightful conversation of a dear friend or two. This summer I have some big personal health and fitness goals that likely won’t happen if there more »

14Jun, 21

Sautéed Shredded Zucchini I’m excited to share this very simple recipe today! It’s something I’ve been making for many years with our plethora of summer squash and zucchini throughout garden/harvest season, yet it’s so EASY & SIMPLE that I hadn’t really thought of it as an actual “recipe”. Often simple is best so I’ve decided more »

13Jun, 21

Cobb Salad Skewers 🍅🥬🥚 It’s Cobb-Salad-On-A-Stick Y’all because everything is better when served on a stick LOL These are REALLY FUN for Summertime entertaining & parties. Make a bunch of them, then set them out on a large serving tray with a big bowl of ice underneath. You’ll receive lots of compliments and you’ll actually more »

12Jun, 21

Watermelon Lemonade/Limeade 🍉🍋🥤💦 Watermelon + Lemonade = Nothing better on a hot summer day! 💦 Here’s a fun fact: watermelon is 92% water – which means it can help keep you hydrated AND feeling full between meals. It also can aid in digestion. 💚 Its high water content means it’s lower in calories – but more »

11Jun, 21

Rachel’s FAVORITE Marinated Tomatoes Have you ever picked a beautifully ripe tomato out of the garden wiped it off and put salt on it and eaten it warm? As a young girl, I’d often take the salt shaker out to the garden and enjoy a full belly of fresh-from-the-vine, still warm from the sun, tomatoes. more »

9Jun, 21

BLT Shrimp Salad 🥬🍅🥓 This salad speaks for itself, don’t you think?! 😍 If you like perfectly seasoned shrimp, crispy bacon, creamy avocado, all drizzled with a tangy homemade dressing, then you’re in for a big treat! SUPER Simple ingredients, that come together to create an absolute taste explosion!💥 ➡️ So What’s the Deal With more »

7Jun, 21

Easy Peasy Kiwi Sorbet 🥝 🥝 🥝 TOTALLY refreshing homemade FROZEN Summertime treats! My FAVORITE type because…well…I have major control issues 😳…I like to control the quality of ingredients that go into my family’s food! Maybe you too?! Kiwis are an incredibly nutrient-dense fruit. They are a good source of fiber, full of antioxidants, and more »