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21Mar, 20

{NEW} Potato & Egg Boats 🥔🍳 These are the twice-baked potato of breakfast time. 😊😍 They take a bit of time in the morning to allow the potatoes to bake, but it’s mostly hands-off time and SO WORTH IT. So pop your potatoes into the oven, and enjoy your coffee and a good book while they’re baking. more »

14Mar, 20

{New} Loaded Breakfast Tacos 🌞🌞🌞 An anytime-of-day Protein-Packed Taco…because “breakfast food” really is AWESOME anytime food! Breakfast-type foods make for a fast, and balanced meal any time of the day…not just mornings. So grab these ingredients when you need a QUICK lunch or dinner too! ➡️ Why Sprouted tortillas? Ezekiel is not gluten-free, however, sprouted grains (gluten-free more »

12Feb, 20

{NEW} PB Chocolate Chip Blender Muffins 🍌🍫🥜 Make today a Baking Day! 😍 PB Chocolate Chip muffins are great for snacks or a quick breakfast on the go! These muffins are already receiving RAVE REVIEWS from our CFC community, so be sure to make them ASAP! ❤️🥜 ❤️🥜Who LOVES Peanut Butter!? 🙋‍♀️ 👀 Always search for NON-hydrogenated oils in the more »

11Feb, 20

{NEW} Quick Valentine’s Day Breakfast ❤🍳🥓❤ Happy Weekend, LOVES! We’re enjoying a few festive Valentine’s recipes over here at the CFC Headquarters. Get your kids in the kitchen and create some FUN memories this weekend! Note: There are many high-quality bacon options available these days. Look for nitrate-free, and humanely raised if possible. We believe there more »

31Jan, 20

{NEW} Pizza Inspired Omelette 🌞🍳🍕 Craving Pizza for Breakfast? GREAT! We’ve got you covered!🙌 CFC pizza inspired omeletts are REALLY tasty and satisfying in the morning…but why stop there? Eggs are an inexpensive, and nutritious meal ANY TIME OF DAY, so make yourself an omelette for a quick dinner idea too! I think sliced grape tomatoes more »

24Jan, 20

{NEW} Veggie-Packed Frittata Egg Muffins 🌱🍳🍠 Veggie Packed Egg Muffins are FANTASTIC for breakfast…but, equally wonderful for Lunch or Dinner, and Meal Prep too, when you’re needing something EASY and delicious! These types of Egg “Muffins” are a constant go-to for us over here at the CFC Headquarters (aka Rachel’s busy house full of teenagers!) They’re more »

11Jan, 20

{NEW} Cranberry Crumble Bars❤ A wintertime breakfast or snack idea that we ABSOLUTELY LOVE ❤ Cranberries offer a considerable range of health benefits. They are a good source of many vitamins and antioxidants. Here’s 2 of our FAVORITE CFC homemade cranberry sauce recipes: CFC’s Festive Homemade Cranberry Sauce Homemade Low-Sugar Cranberry Sauce makes 12 servings Ingredients: more »

28Dec, 19

{NEW} Overnight Egg + Sausage Breakfast Casserole Bake 🌱🍳🍄 We LOVE overnight breakfast casseroles especially throughout the holiday season when the house is packed with guests. Everyone is going to wake up hungry, so why not make your job easier!?! Truthfully, these types of prep-ahead breakfasts are great year-round! So, you may know that I have more »