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24Jul, 20

{NEW} Bacon-Wrapped Pepper Poppers🔥🥓🤤 It’s the very last weekend of July (😳), and our gardens and Farmer’s Markets are likely full of peppers. What are you all up to this weekend? I think it’s time we treat ourselves with something ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! I’m planning to cook for a small crowd out on the patio, working more »

5Jul, 20

{New} Baked Parmesan Tomatoes🍅🌱 Soon our gardens and farmers’ markets will be bursting with these bright red beauties! I LOVE fresh ripe tomatoes right off the vine, and especially in chopped salads…but it’s always fun to have a few good recipes to try out throughout the Summer when tomatoes are inexpensive and found everywhere! These more »

27Jun, 20

{New} Kohlrabi Fries 🍟🍟🍟 Here’s a FUN weekend project if you’re looking to try something NEW! Or maybe you’ve tried making Kohlrabi Fries before?! If so, be sure to comment below and give us your very best tips! Maybe you planted kohlrabi in your garden this year, or received a few in your CSA and not more »

24May, 20

{New} Creamy Braised Green Beans🌱 Green Beans just happen to be one of my FAVORITE vegetables, so we eat them often! This SIMPLE recipe keeps the beans tender-crisp, and lightly coated in a super tasty creamy sauce. Excellent side dish for weeknight suppers, holiday celebrations, and also GREAT for meal prep! In addition to being more »

15May, 20

{NEW} Easy Corn Salsa 🌽🌽🌽 Pretty soon we’ll have corn coming out of our EARS (👂->🌽 ha) here in Utah! Let’s make SALSA! This super easy recipe is MAJOR YUM! In case you *need* an excuse to have a little PaRtY in your kitchen this weekend! This salsa is darn tasty, simple to make, and a total more »

11May, 20

{NEW} Quick + Easy Avocado Hummus 🥑🥕🧄 I remember a few months ago there was a meme floating around social media: “Guacamole OR Hummus? Choose ONE.” I thought hmm… this is a ridiculous question, a girl *NEEDS* options, so I decided to create THE PERFECT solution for people who just don’t wanna choose. Lol🥴 We more »

17Apr, 20

{NEW} Green Bean + Bacon Bundles 🌱🥓 Another FUN idea for your holiday celebrations or Summer BBQ’S! Green beans are one of my absolute favorite vegetables, but if they’re not YOUR thing, then try this method using asparagus instead! Note: There are many high-quality bacon options available these days. Look for nitrate-free, and humanely-raised, if possible. more »

1Apr, 20

{NEW} Garlic Herb Baked Sweet Potatoes 🌱🍠 Ever bite into a limp, soggy sweet potato fry?! 😲 Yep, it happens to us all! I’m asked quite often, HOW TO get those sweet potato fries to CRISP up at home??? Here are my BEST tips for you to try: ➡️ Use avocado oil for roasting your potatoes, and NOT more »

29Mar, 20

{NEW} Beer Battered Crispy Baked Cauliflower🍺👀🤷‍♀️ This week definitely calls for a beer or two 🍻 (and I don’t even drink beer 🤣). Jokes aside, these crispy little cauliflower bites are insanely GREAT tasting and TOTALLY restaurant quality. For those reading this blog post at a later date, as I write this, we’ve now been on quarantine for more »