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27May, 23

Copycat Starbucks Pink Drink My teenage daughter LOVES the “Pink Drink” found at Starbucks. And once in a while, I’ll stop to grab her one as a very special treat as we’re not ultra rigid at our house. I believe it’s really important to allow favorite treats here and there, especially with our young people Read More!

25Nov, 22

Hot Pumpkin Milk In case this weekend’s plans involve pj’s, family, and possibly decorating for the holidays, I have a very special hot drink recipe for you to serve while creating cherished memories. Are you a pumpkin fan? I’m not just a fan. I’m completely obsessed. COMPLETELY. There are SO MANY reasons to add pumpkin Read More!

23Feb, 22

Homemade Kimchi Have you tried Kimchi? Have you ever made your own? ➡️ What is Kimchi anyway? It’s a spicy, fermented cabbage, similar to sauerkraut, but with Korean flavors such as garlic, ginger, & chilies. I like to add a spoonful to my savory meals. ➡️ So what does it taste like?! Kimchi tastes tangy, Read More!

29Aug, 21

Homemade Almond Milk This recipe & video tutorial is something I’ve wanted to share for several years now because I really want to demonstrate how SIMPLE it is to make your own almond milk at home. I kept putting off creating the video and shooting the photos because it *is* so simple and just didn’t Read More!

7Jul, 21

Refreshing Homemade Blueberry Lemonade 🍋 🧊 There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than a tall glass of cold lemonade! 🌞 This homemade Fresh Blueberry Lemonade has become a yearly Summertime tradition that all of my kids get excited about! 🥤 It’s the perfect way to cool down & slow down this summer, Read More!

29Jun, 21

Strawberry Mimosas 🍓🍊🥂 You can’t go out to a nice brunch without seeing or ordering a Mimosa these days. This traditional drink is currently gaining in popularity, and likely dates back to the 1920’s. A Mimosa is the refreshingly simple combination of citrus (orange juice) and champagne 🍾 enjoyed by many on a Sunday morning. Read More!

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