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10Jun, 20

{New} Prosciutto Wrapped Caprese Bites🍅🌱🌞 If you’re looking for a really SIMPLE, yet completely BEAUTIFUL appetizer this Summer – HERE YOU GO! Set out a platter of these Caprese bites, the next time you have a few friends over. You’ll hear nothing but “mmm” “yum” and plenty of compliments on your creativity! Since there are more »

29May, 20

{New} Quick Antipasto “Tacos” 🌞 These lil’ roll-ups are a really fun & simple summertime lunch or patio party entertaining idea! Set out a big tray for everyone, or serve em’ up “bar style” and let them build their own! These are great during the warmer months because you can just throw the ingredients into a more »

7May, 20

{NEW} Chipotle Tuna Salad Stuffed Avocados🥑😍🥑😍 A DELICIOUS and unique lunch idea! I made up a quick batch of these the other day for our entire crew, and they were gone faster than anything I’ve made in quite a while! Total crowd pleaser! I think these would be awesome with shredded chicken instead of tuna more »

10Apr, 20

{NEW} Egg Hunt Lunch Boxes 🐥🌷🐇🐣 Here’s a SUPER SIMPLE and completely adorable idea for the younger kids this week. If you’re looking for a fun snack for your little ones during the Easter season, make up a batch of these lunch boxes using whatever you have on hand. Hide healthy snacks in your Easter Eggs, more »