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20Sep, 19

{NEW} Jalapeño Popper Zucchini Boats. #HappyWeekend Here’s a FUN weekend spin on the traditional jalapeno poppers for you to try out! I love these stuffed zucchini for several reasons, but mostly because they’re completely crave worthy, and obscenely DELICIOUS! I also love that we’re using zucchini to recreate my teenagers all-time FAVORITE snack food! In the more »

15Sep, 19

{NEW} Shrimp +Tomato + Basil Stir Fry🍤🌱🍅 A SUPER fresh, aromatic, and TOTALLY GORGEOUS meal ready in just minutes! Use up those sweet ripe cherry tomatoes and fresh fragrant basil sitting in your kitchen! Serving suggestions: We served this meal alongside perfectly cooked quinoa and roasted broccoli. If you want to boost the nutrition a more »

9Sep, 19

{NEW} Chicken Popper Zucchini Boats Zucchini Season + Chicken Poppers = TRUE LOVE🥰 Zucchini PRIME TIME is happening now, so be sure to take advantage of this yearly harvest! These are completely simple to throw together, and ABSOLUTELY hit-the-spot DELICIOUS! Zucchini is very low calorie, while also being extremely filling and satisfying! Zucchini is also more »

7Sep, 19

{NEW} Mediterranean Grassfed Beef Meatballs 🍅🌱 These Savory Tangy little meatballs are PERFECT to serve as your protein with a meal, as an appetizer on toothpicks. OR my personal favorite: tucked neatly into glass food prep containers in the fridge for our next few meals ahead! The addition of fresh chopped herbs really gives these meatballs such more »

4Sep, 19

{NEW} Taco Stuffed Zucchini Boats 🌮🌮🌮 If Taco Tuesday and Zucchini Season had a beautiful baby this would be her! Okay…that’s a very strange analogy. 🤣 My point is, some things are SURPRISINGLY great once combined! Zucchini is readily available during the months of July and August. Okay…it’s not just available, it’s actually overflowing during those Summer more »

2Sep, 19

{NEW} Burrito Stuffed Zucchini Boats 🍆🌮🍅 Weekend plans anyone?!! 👀 Me??? Just trying to use up all of this overflowing garden zucchini! 😂 THESE ARE DELICIOUS. The entire Family LOVED em! Great reviews from even my pickier eaters, so I know you’re gonna love them too! makes 4 servings Ingredients: 2 large zucchini, halved, then halved again lengthwise more »