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6Mar, 16
Clean Food Love

Refrigerator Snack Drawer Prep

Kids (and adults) refrigerator snack drawer all prepped thanks to the kids helping out today!

Kids Snack Prep

The kiddos are food prepping their own snacks for the week.

Getting kids involved is the best way to get kids to eat the good stuff!

Various fruits and vegetables (shop the sales!) Rinsed & COMPLETELY let air dry before packing…if moisture is kept low, then they should stay fresh, refrigerated 5-6 days.

Guacamole, Hummus, and Nut-Butters are ready-to-go for dip.

We boiled & peeled several dozen eggs, once completely cool, seal the boiled eggs in containers of 2, or baggies & they last 5-7 days too!

Hard boiled Egg Prep

Clean Eating Snack Prep


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