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26Feb, 15

Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls Makes 4 Servings Ingredients: Fiesta Burrito Bowl Filling: 2 cups cooked chicken breast, cubed 2 cups prepared black beans (rinse if canned) 1 diced avocado 1 cup grape tomatoes, halved 2 Tbs chopped green onions 2 Tbs chopped fresh cilantro Juice of 2 fresh squeezed limes 1 Tbs. extra virgin olive Read More!

27Dec, 14

A Salad People Actually Want. Really! Some of the comments left on instagram about this recipe:☆We made this today, it was sooooo good! Thank you for the recipe and your beautiful healthy inspiration!☆ I made this with salmon tonight. So good! The roasted corn and jalapeños are to die for!For the Shrimp: For the shrimp: Read More!

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