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28Oct, 18
3 Ways Healthy Bento Lunchboxes
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3 Creative Clean Eating Bento BoxesLunchtime or Snack ideas for Back-To-School

How is your lunchbox packin’ game going now that we’re back into our routine?!

Seems like we start out full-force and SUPER committed…then we get in a bit of a rut, and our ideas dwindle.

Healthy Bento Lunch Boxes

I shared 3 bento lunch box creations a few days ago, and was asked for MORE…so here ya go!

Hopefully, this spurs NEW ideas for you, and helps you get excited about packing lunches and snacks for both yourself and the kids!

Here are 3 NEW lunch box ideas:

Clean Bento Boxes How To Make

Lunch Box 1 – Turkey Roll Ups:

  • Applegate organic oven roasted turkey breast rolled up with cucumber, greens, and organic mustard
  • fresh blueberries and a clementine
  • organic brown rice crackers with organic cheese slices

Turkey Roll Up Bento Box RecipeThese lunch boxes are super simple to create! If you’re missing an ingredient, you can substitute it for something you have on hand. Bento Box Turkey Roll Ups Eat Clean Bento Lunch Boxes I LOVE making cute little shapes with food for the young kiddo’s. A cookie cutter is all you need 🙂 Lunch Box Heart Shaped SandwichesLunch Box 2 – Heart Shaped Sandwiches

  • I used Applegate Uncured Salami and cheese slices, local Whole Wheat or Ezekiel, cut into shapes using a medium cookie cutter
  • pickles and kalamata olives
  • fresh raspberries

Heart Shaped Sandwiches Recipe Creative Heart Shaped Sandwich Bento Box Vegan Eating Clean Bento BoxLunch Box 3 – Vegan Option:

  • organic brown rice cakes (I used Thin Stackers by Lundberg), with almond butter and fruit only jam
  • carrot sticks and celery stuffed with Kite Farm Cream Cheese Style Spread (made with almond milk)
  • dried banana chips

Lunch Box Vegan Option Recipe 3 Healthy Bento Lunchboxes Foor Prep

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