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28Apr, 20
Clean Food Love

Hi CFC family, my name is Ali, I’m 28 and live in North Texas. I have two amazing little boys- 3 & 1 and I’ve been married to the love of my life for almost 6 years.

I work at a middle school as an administrative assistant and absolutely love it. My family and I love anything outdoors and just being together! My boys are my whole world!

My greatest challenge with clean eating before this challenge was my true knowledge of CLEAN! And of course sweets and soda ????

  • I absolutely love that I can still eat SO much that I love without all the added crap and it still tastes great if not better.
  • I also don’t feel as bloated and guilty every time I eat.
  • I lost my 10lbs with this challenge and also lost all my bloating and inflammation.
  • I feel CLEAN as cliche as that sounds.
  • I also feel like I can keep up with my boys more!

I convinced my husband to do this challenge with me and in all honesty, didn’t have high hopes. We have learned, together, a good healthy way to eat and cook and it’s been amazing.

I hate the kitchen. I hate cooking and even told my husband when we met “if he wanted a woman who cooks I’m not it”.  I have learned to love the kitchen (for the most part ????) and feel good when he enjoys something new. He is a picky and meat-and-potatoes kind of guy and has made leaps and bounds with this challenge.  He’s eaten more vegetables in these 30 days than his entire life I’m sure.

It has changed so much for us and I am forever grateful.

My best advice is to quit thinking about it, and DO IT!! You won’t regret and the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge will Change Your Life. Get off the fence and get your life back! It’s worth it 150%

– Ali

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