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18Aug, 20
Clean Food Love

Meet Amanda, Who Lost 7.3 Pounds and 14.5 Inches During The CleanFoodCrush 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge!

Hi there crushers!  My name is Amanda.  I am 43 years young and am blessed with the most amazing husband a girl could ask for and 3 awesome children.  I work in the mortgage industry as a Loan Officer Assistant and have a very sedentary job as I am at a desk all day long.  

I enjoy being with my family and our friends as much as we can.  I also enjoy spending my time watching each one of my kids as they play the sports they love.  

I have a daughter in high school that plays soccer, powerlifts, volleyball and runs track.  I have an 11 year old son that plays, football, baseball, basketball and runs track.  My youngest….well he just likes basketball.  So needless to say, I’m on the go a LOT.  

We spent so much time eating out because we were either at a field or a gym watching one of the kids playing something that cooking just didn’t work.  Now I use my Sunday afternoon to prepare my meals for the week so there’s no fast food temptation. I will even take a meal prepped meal with me to places where my husband wants to eat sometimes.

The clean eating challenge has helped me in so many ways.  My husband and I have been together around 13 years.  He’s never experienced me fully happy with how I look and has seen a million different diets that I get on and then change courses on.  

I have always thought veggies were ok, but never had a love for them.  This program has changed that!  

My husband has begun to see a new me, a happier and a more confident me.  He’s referred to this as a diet many times (why wouldn’t he with all of the diets I’ve done in the past) but I have corrected him that this isn’t a diet it’s just eating clean and it’s something I am not going to veer from.  

  • I am no longer interested in eating sugar, fast food or box food.  
  • I am fitting back into clothes that I couldn’t fit in for a long time and it’s such a great feeling.
  • I have lost a few pounds (7.3) since starting this challenge
  • I’m no longer swollen from eating junk food, 
  • My rings fit better, 
  • My clothes fit better.  
  • I have lost a total of 14.5 inches and 4.5 of that from my stomach

The BEST THING… This wasn’t something I had to suffer through because I am LOVING what I’m eating.

I am pretty much the only one in my house doing this so it can be a little tough.  I will watch as they will eat donuts on the weekends or other things that I want to stay away from.  But when I make a meal for them, I at least know they’re getting something clean and healthy.  

For the ones on the fence….get in the yard and have some fun with all of us Crushers You get a WONDERFUL support system through the CFC Admins and also with your fellow crushers.  It’s the best ever.  

My words of advice to those taking that leap of faith….get a food scale, take measurements, TAKE BEFORE PICTURES, don’t worry about that blasted scale.  It doesn’t paint you a whole picture and it can be a discouragement.  Weigh once a week but don’t put too much thought into what it says.  Don’t forget your “why”.  Why are you doing this?  Make sure nothing is stronger than your why.


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