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4Jun, 19
Clean Food Love

Hi, my name is Amber, and I lost 18 pounds in my first 30 days of the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge.

It’s an honor to share my story with you today! First, a little about me…

I’m 38 and the mother to 3 amazing kids, they are 19,15 and 5. Yes, it was planned, no I’m not crazy.

We live in Eastern Oregon. I’m married to a wonderful man that works in Alaska 7 months out of the year to support our family. I’m currently trying to find my place in the career world again. I used to be a large animal trainer/caretaker and assistant curator of a zoo and I’m currently going back to school!

We are a very active family that camps, hikes, and hunts. All my kids play sports so we are always on the run.

Before CleanFoodCrush, I struggled with making healthy choices. Especially with 3 kids in the go, sometimes it was easier to grab a quick meal or fry something.

I struggled with my weight after my last child. I am 5’2 and at my heaviest, I was 230 pounds. I was miserable and depressed. I discovered Clean Eating and began making better choices. I lost 65 pounds and then hit a plateau.

I needed help getting back to myself, and that’s when I found CleanFoodCrush! The 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge turned things around and got me back on the right track.

At the start of the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge, I weighed 170 and at the end, I weighed in at 152. I not only lost pounds but I also lost a lot of inches. I feel so much better, mentally and physically!

My family adapted really well. I make simple side options for my kids when I know there’s something they won’t eat like brussels sprouts or certain salads. My husband has watched me do every crazy diet in the world so he just rolled with it and actually, he loved everything I made!

Crockpot Maple + Mustard Drumsticks 

Clean Eating is different than everything else I’ve found out there. It’s a true lifestyle change that I can make for the long-term. The recipes in the challenge are delicious and everything Rachel offers is amazing.

My words of wisdom to anyone considering the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge:

Trust the process, this way of life really does work! The best advice I ever got was that I didn’t gain the weight overnight so don’t expect to lose it overnight. Lean on the private Facebook group for the support that you get when you sign up for the challenge, and if you have an off day it’s ok! Just pick yourself up and start fresh the next day.

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