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27Sep, 22
Clean Food Love

Meet Husband and Wife CRUSHers, Robbie and Athena.

My name is Athena, and I am 52.  My husband’s name is Robbie, and he is 48.  We have one grown son serving in the US Navy and one son still at home finishing up high school.  I am the accounting and payroll officer for a local non-profit in Daytona Beach and my husband is a field supervisor for a local HVAC company.   We love spending time in our home but also enjoy a nice family vacation or two throughout the year.

My weight was never a problem as a young person.  However, when I was 26, I quit smoking and the weight began creeping on.  A couple of years later, I met my soul mate and we got married.  We found that we had the love of food in common.

Yummy candy and desserts were must-haves on our menu.  Soda was a normal item in our house as well.  We ate out anytime we had the chance.

Sadly, we passed this love of unhealthy eating and bad habits to our children.  With that said, the years passed by, and the weight kept increasing. I lost my weight a couple of times through another program, but never kept it off.  

I began following Rachel and CleanFoodCrush in August of ’22.  Facebook would recommend the CFC Challenge all the time and finally, I became curious and checked it out.  After a little research, I took the plunge and paid for the BOGO.  I told my husband what I had done and informed him he was joining me.   Surprisingly, he was all in. 😉

Fast forward to August 2022, when we began the Clean Eating Challenge.  We committed to the bogo of 60 days, however we have tracked results weekly.  This weekend completes our first 30-Day Challenge.  Our favorite recipes so far are the feta burgers and the sweet and spicy chicken.

➡️ I have lost 8 lbs. and 5.5 inches. 

➡️ Robbie has lost 15 lbs. 

He did not measure but the pictures show that he has shrunk significantly.  

➡️ We both feel better in our clothes and are committed to making this a lifestyle… not a diet.

We are both ready to begin walking again as a form of exercise and I would like to take a yoga class.  We both recently began learning about spinal hygiene and are being adjusted regularly.  Our doctors encourage us to continue the journey we are on with CFC because they believe in being healthy by natural resources whenever possible. 

The 30-Day Challenge has us spending more time together. 

We are planning, shopping, prepping, and cooking together more than we ever have.  We love trying the new recipes and incorporating them into our menu.

When sharing with our friends about this program, we tell them that you will never feel hungry on this plan.  My husband shared with our MD that we are doing this plan and he was able to tell her with confidence that we can and will continue this as a new and improved lifestyle.  

We both made some mistakes while following the Challenge Plan. For example, I was eating more fruit than I should have during week two, but because I was staying faithful to ask questions and read through the FB postings in our group, I learned and corrected. 

It did not hinder my successes.  My husband didn’t want to measure his food but had to learn that measuring is very important as well.

We are very excited about the journey ahead and how it will help us to sustain good health.

Thinking about the Challenge? Here’s my advice…

➡️ Rely heavily on the help provided in the Challenge.

➡️Forgive yourself if you make mistakes on the journey.  It’s a learning experience every day.

➡️ Planning is key.   If you don’t have a plan, it’s easy to make unhealthy choices.

– Athena

Ready to Get the Tools and Support That Helped Athena and Robbie Succeed? Come and Join the Challenge!


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