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27Jul, 19

 A taste of the tropics! These protein balls are EXCEPTIONALLY great in the Summertime thanks to that fresh lime + coconut combo! Make sure your shredded coconut is unsweetened. I REALLY love “let’s do organic” brand of dried coconut. I think using several key limes instead of a regular lime would be a FUN twist more »

22Jul, 19

{NEW} Mixed Berry Sorbet 🍓🍋🍇 Completely refreshing homemade Summertime treats! My FAVORITE type because..well…I have major control issues 😳… I like to control the quality of ingredients that go into my family’s food! You as well?! The thing is: Frozen Berries are super affordable, highly nutritious, already pre-washed, and often a big ole’ bag of organic berries more »

14Jun, 19

{NEW} No-Bake Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies 🥜🍫🍪 Any PB and Chocolate Chip lovers hanging out around here? 🐒 Me!!! 🙋‍♀️ One of my all-time FAVORITE combos! These no-bake cookies could not be simpler! You’re gonna want to keep a batch handy in your fridge for *emergencies* I mean, snacks all Summer long! These really do make for a more »