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1Sep, 20
Clean Food Love

Meet Cheryl, Who Lost 8 Pounds and Got Rid of Chronic Heartburn and Wrist Pain with CleanFoodCrush!

I’m Cheryl, 67 years young, and a mom of grown sons. Retirement agrees with me and during the quarantine, I’ve found plenty to do here at home in doing house maintenance and catching up on reading.

Diet pills only messed with my heart rhythm and failed after just a few days. I was ready to just cave in to the way I looked and felt, until one day I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a bulging mass looking back at me. Something in my brain switched on and I felt a fierce motivation to change things.

That’s when I remembered the Clean Food Crush site where I had scrolled through some recipes that looked delicious and saw that if I joined the challenge, I would have support and accountability – which I needed.

Once I began the challenge, I realized how I had been sabotaging myself. Without a plan in place, I would come home hungry from running errands, and grab a cookie (or two). Or I would get into chips for a “salt fix.”  The greatest thing about the Clean Crush Food program is that with meal prep, there are always healthier options at my fingertips. If I get hungry (which is hard to do on this plan!), I always have good food waiting for me.

  •  I no longer have chronic heartburn
  • I no longer have chronic pain in my wrists (must have been an inflammation issue),
  • I can now bend down to tie my shoes without making that grunting sound!

This has been a great success because I’ve been attempting to lose 20 pounds for 20 years with no lasting results. My “diet” file on my computer has dozens of diets and recipes, but nothing worked for me.

 By the end of the first 30-day challenge, I’ve said goodbye to 8 extra pounds and 9 unwanted inches!

 Love the program, and I am looking forward to continuing in order to reach my goal weight – then stay healthy for years to come. If you’ve been stuck like I was for so long, give this a try! With support and enthusiasm from the group, it’s much easier and more fun to reach your goals

– Cheryl

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