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20Aug, 18
BLT Avocado Bites by CleanFoodCrush
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BLT Avocado Bites


These BLT Avocado bites came together super fast in our kitchen tonight while Jason was outside grilling some chicken with the boys.

We had a BBQ for 8 people…okay so just our (little) family of eight…butttt…these lil’ babies were completely gone in 5 minutes *flat* once I gave the go-ahead to dig in!

Healthy Snacks BLT Avocado BitesMost of our kids are teenagers now, and these were my BIG Mom-Win for the week!  Why is it so hard to impress, and connect with teenagers?

BLT Avocado Bites Clean Sides RecipeRemember the days our kids were impressed with bubbles and homemade playdough…and wouldn’t leave our side? Sigh…Eat Clean BLT Avocado Snacks


  • Sliced, ripe avocado
  • Nitrate-free cooked bacon
  • Organic, crisp iceberg lettuce
  • Quartered vine-ripe tomatoes
  • Sea salt + fresh ground pepper

Clean Snacks BLT Avocado Finger Foods


Arrange as shown, hold them together tight with a large toothpick…there is no wrong way to assemble!

Make them YOUR way + just wait for the compliments at your next BBQ.



Avocado BLT Clean Eating Snacks

BLT Avocado Bites by CleanFoodCrush

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