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21Dec, 18
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Get your Party Season Started with a Holiday Grazing Board!

It’s the best way to bring people together and feed a crowd with style!

If you’ve been following CFC for a while, you know that I LOVE to throw an intimate PARTY for friends and family to connect, laugh together, and celebrate LIVING! And my favorite time of year to do this is definitely Christmas time + New Years (partly because there’s so much warmth, sparkle, hope, family, and abundance this time of year!)

No need to slave over the hot stove for hours in order to invite your crowd over either!Invest in a good wooden platter (this one was made by a local SLC guy, and will last for probably 100+ years. It is about 30 inches in diameter ) then pull it out anytime you want to invite your people over and actually have time to visit, enjoy, and talk with them!

You can also check this Bamboo platter on Amazon out.You can also try using several smaller platters set together creatively on your counter.

A wonderful way to entertain spur-of-the-moment guests or open house style gatherings.

There is no right or wrong way to set up your board…mine are always different, depending on what is already in my kitchen + any seasonal treasures that I find at the market. Sometimes you need to set wetter ingredients like small pickles, olives, or jam in small bowls around the board, then build dry ingredients nicely around the bowls. What I did for this one:

  • fresh kiwi slices
  • organic red + green grapes
  • sliced oranges (blood oranges would be beautiful for a Christmas platter too!)
  • sliced strawberries, stems left on
  • fresh raspberries
  • fresh mint leaves
  • pomegranates torn apart a bit
  • dried apricots (no sugar added)
  • several different kinds of cheese, local + imported (I usually like to set out a variety of hard/soft + mild/strong cheeses…but mostly purchase whatever is on sale!)
  • nitrate free, and uncured meats (there is such great selection available these days!)
  • broken dark chocolate pieces
  • pickled asparagus
  • micro arugula (flavor + beauty!)
  • pistachios
  • almonds
  • fresh rosemary
  • whole grain crisp bread pieces, broken

I arranged everything around REAL pine sprigs and holiday ornaments, then I set the tray out with a few more ornaments around it, pine sprigs tucked underneath, and tiny battery operated lights for a very festive feel.


Set out a small amount of each meat at a time so it doesn’t get too warm and dried out . Replenish when needed.

Watch to see if the board starts to look messy, and you need to tidy it up a bit.

Hopefully, this spurs creativity of your own, and you throw an epic party for your favorite people…and YOU actually get to enjoy it for once!

Scroll through the rest of the photos for inspiration and the printable recipe at the bottom of this blog post 🙂

Happy Holidays + Merry Christmas, Friend!


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