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12Jul, 17
Fresh Fruit Kabobs by CleanFoodCrush
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Creative Fruit Kebobs Recipe

Creative Fruit Kebobs

Summertime Party Perfect! Use any of your FAVORITE fruits, berries, or melons! Mix it up! Be creative with what’s in-person!Fresh Fruit Kebobs Recipe Instructions


  • melon
  • pineapple
  • kiwi
  • raspberries
  • blueberries
  • organic grapes

Fresh and Creative Fruit Kebobs


Use a melon baller to create balls from your favorite fruits.

To assemble: slide 3 fruit balls onto each skewer/large wooden toothpick.

Healthy and Creative Fruit KebobsGet creative with the fruits you have access too and make your own version of these playful fruit kebobs. Tag @CleanFoodCrush on Instagram with your photos!


❤RachelClean Food Fruit Kebobs

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