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4Apr, 19
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A good weight-loss strategy includes a few basic principles. Clean Eating, getting enough exercise, and taking time to recharge and relax are all essential for both weight maintenance and weight reduction. Tracking your progress throughout your journey is also crucial to help keep you on track.

Regular weigh-ins are an easy way to gather data on how well your approach to weight loss is working. Remember that it’s okay to have occasional hiccups, as long as the overall pattern shows you’re making progress!

There are times when weighing yourself would be unwise. In the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge, we want to set you up for success! It’s important to be aware of certain instances when you’d be better off avoiding the scale instead.

1. Most Days of the Week

It can be tempting to step on the scale every day in hopes of seeing a change. Unfortunately, this can reinforce unhealthy and obsessive behaviors for some. Beyond that, it’s unlikely there will be much change from one day to the next. Sticking with a weekly weigh-in is sufficient for most situations as it will give you a better view of your progress over time.

2. Right Before Bed

It’s normal to weigh several pounds heavier at night due to the water and food we consumed throughout the day. We get our most accurate weight first thing in the morning after we’ve gone to the bathroom before we’ve eaten breakfast, and without wearing any clothes.

3. When You’re On Your Period

Hormonal changes during menstruation, and even a few days before, can cause us to retain water and bloat. This can show up as a higher number on the scale. Best to be kind to ourselves and wait until our period is over to step on the scale again.

4. When You’re Constipated

If you haven’t had a bowel movement for more than a day, the number on the scale will be higher and an inaccurate portrayal of your actual weight. Instead of stepping on the scale, drink some water, relax, and do some abdominal massage to get things moving once again.

5. After Intense Exercise

It’s normal to either be lighter or heavier after an intense workout. Due to water loss through sweat, the scale may read a lower number. On the other hand, we can experience a bit of water retention in our muscles. This is due to fluid rushing to the scene of the recently worked muscles to help them heal and get stronger.

6. When You’re Traveling

Whether by plane or by car, traveling can disrupt the fluid balance in our body. It can also lead to constipation for some. Two good reasons to avoid the scale after a day of travel. Give your body some water, a healthy meal, and some rest instead.

7. When You’re Having A Bad Day

We all have days when we just aren’t feeling good in our body. Stepping on a scale during these times can add to stress and pressure to reach a goal faster. On rough days, it can be helpful to think of all the wonderful things our bodies can do and set the scale aside.

8. When You’re Feeling Good in Your Body

How you FEEL is more important than what you weight. If you’re feeling good about your body, the way it looks, feels, and works, then that’s enough! Don’t get too caught up in the number you see, and instead, practice Clean Eating and nourishing your body so you can feel confident and enjoy life!



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