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14Jul, 20
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Meet Eileen, Who Lost 20 Pounds With CleanFoodCrush!

My name is Eileen. I am a 51-year-old mom of two kids. I work as a restaurant server and at a grade school as a Food Services Coordinator. My husband and I first did the 30-Day challenge in October of 2019 and have been following Rachel and CleanFoodCrush ever since. I have continued to lose weight and keep it off since October! Total weight loss has been 20 pounds. We repeated week one of the challenge one time just to get back on track. Since the quarantine started, I have had the time to enjoy cooking more and have seen great results.

Before the challenge, I relied on medicine to keep my blood pressure in check.

I took myself off the medicine during the challenge as my blood pressure was dropping as I lost weight. I have not had to blood pressure medicines since losing weight! I recently had an overdue checkup with my doctor and she was very happy to see the shape I am in. I was also in the midst of experiencing menopause symptoms when I started the challenge. The hot flashes became less and less of an issue and I continue to travel through menopause relatively unscathed.

We adopted a puppy in December and I’m sure I would not have the energy to keep up with her if I had not started eating the CleanFoodCrush way! She really likes taking me on brisk walks!! I also have been able to keep up with serving at the restaurant. The outside tables are much farther away now with the Covid-19 guidelines.

My family has been incredibly supportive and has truly grown to love some of the recipes that have become routine for us. I love how easy the recipes are and how I can whip something up as long as I have a refrigerator stocked with healthy food!! Though I’m still working on improving my kids eating habits, they have grown to like a larger variety of healthier foods. I hope they learn, as I have, that food really needs to be looked at as fuel for the body and brain. We enjoy treats now and then but always come back to good fuel foods.

I really know that my mindset has changed when it comes to food.

I recently had a colonoscopy and when I was in the recovery room, the nurse offered me a chocolate donut. After not eating anything solid for over 24 hours, I would have normally jumped at it…. but even though I was still groggy from the anesthesia, I remember thinking that I should start off by eating healthy stuff after being all cleaned out from the prep.

I have very much enjoyed shopping for new summer clothes since none of my old shorts fit. I’m even more comfortable wearing shorter shorts!!! I am being asked more and more what I’m doing to lose the weight and I have no problem directing people to CleanFoodCrush!! I still post to the CleanFoodCrush pages and enjoy seeing everyone’s success stories!

– Eileen

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