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26Nov, 19
Clean Food Love

Hi there!

My name is Eileen Martin and I lost 10 pounds and 5 inches with the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge. This is my story 🙂

I am a 50-year-old mom to a 14-year-old daughter and an 11-year old son. I have two jobs other than being a mom. I am the Food Services Coordinator at a grade school and I serve at an Italian Restaurant. I am surrounded by food!!

I am not a very organized person, I procrastinate and tend to “live in the moment” without planning ahead. My kids are both involved in sports so sometimes the goal is to get them to practices or games on time, knowing that we can always find something to eat somewhere along the way.

I spread myself too thin which frequently left me tired, overwhelmed and with no energy to get stuff done. Now I know the importance of at least being prepared with healthy food on hand.

My husband doesn’t have to apprehensively ask “what are we doing for dinner” anymore because he knows it is planned. That has taken away a huge amount of mental stress and some guilt off me!

I am always up for a “Challenge”, I think that idea helped draw me into giving CleanFoodCrush a shot. I thankfully have a husband who was 100% on board with it and encouraged me. I had a good idea of what to do, I had already started cutting back on sugar but I knew that I needed to be told what to do, and to be held accountable by a community of supporters. 

The materials provided in the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge are very easy to understand and the online support was fun and helpful. I also let my family know that I need this time to work on me and they need to become a little more self-sufficient! Thankfully, they jumped on board! 

I’ve seen so many positive results from taking this challenge!

  • My skin is better
  • I have way fewer aches and pains
  • I am not afraid to get out of bed and face the day!
  • My main goal wasn’t weight loss but that was obviously part of what I needed to feel better!

I lost 10 pounds and 5 inches off the belly in the 30 days!

I’m so happy and excited to continue the Clean Eating lifestyle. I look forward to seeing how else my body will physically transform!

I’m going through menopause and was experiencing gross hot flashes and that “not so fresh feeling” menopausal women get. Clean Eating has greatly helped reduce those symptoms which really has improved my attitude! 

Hypertension runs in my family and I have been on blood pressure medicine for a few years. Right after the first detox week with CleanFoodCrush, I started feeling lightheaded and checked my blood pressure. It was much lower! I bought a home monitor and have continued to have low readings, I  am now going to contact my doctor about either reducing or going off the meds. 

I did the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge in an effort to regain energy, get rid of the cloudy brain that prevented me from getting things done and to just start feeling better. I am happy to say it worked!!

My daughter was the one who was pushing me to start “working out or something” but I had no energy to do so. She is a teenage girl who is very concerned with her appearance. I tried not to let her know how unhappy I was with my appearance but I know she sensed it. She has told me she is proud of how I look!

My whole family is happy that I have more energy. My picky eater 11-year-old son has even enjoyed the food! He requested the banana pancakes on a few occasions and said that he doesn’t want me to buy the store-bought, pre-packed mini muffins anymore because now he prefers the Blender muffins.

He is the most sugar addicted member of our family and though there is more work to be done there, he is off to a good start. 

My words of wisdom to anyone who’s considering this program for transformation and weight loss. Don’t sell yourself short. If you want to do this, you can.

It might not be easy at times but you are capable and you are ultimately in control of your body! You are worthy of taking time to care for yourself so that you can become better for you and for the other people who matter to you.

DO NOT compare your results to other people’s results in the challenge group. We are all in the journey together but there are so many factors that we as individuals are facing. Our results are not going to be the same. 

Lean on other people’s support and advice! Have an open mind! BE PATIENT! I love to see instant results. I was so surprised and happy with week one’s results, I wanted the same after week two but that wasn’t realistic for me. I stuck with it and could not be happier that I did!  Be optimistic, have faith and trust the program! I am truly fascinated by how it works!

Thank you, Rachel and CleanFoodCrush team!

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