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9Apr, 17
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Clean Eating on your own is already an incredible milestone, and with your family on board it’s evenĀ more fun. The reality is, askingĀ someoneĀ to change their lifestyle just for us never works. If we want to inspire change, education is the best way. People have to make their own decisions on their own time.

Watching documentaries together as a family gives each of you a chance to learn something new and find your own inspiration and your own reasons for eating healthy. After watching these four food documentaries, you might just find yourself re-inspired and motivated in a big way to Eat Clean and achieve your goals for a healthier life. And trust me, these films are actually enjoyable to watch!

1. Fed Up

Get an inside view of just how powerful the sugar industry is and uncover the truth about what’s really making us fat. This documentary busts some major myths around the fat vs. sugar debate that’s been occurring for decades. Finally, some answers backed by science that help us figure out what type of diet really supports weight loss and overall well-being. This is a great choice for family movie night, it’s entertaining and motivating. This is one of those documentaries that gets you excited to transform your lifestyle without getting too heavy or overwhelming. Highly recommend you watch this one!

2. Hungry for Change

The film makers of Hungry for Change wanted to enlighten theĀ public of the deceptive ways of the food industry. Hungry for Change reveals many of the ways the food industry is perpetuating obesity in our culture while providing strategies and solutions to break the cycle. This is another family friendly, eye-opening and inspiring film for movie night sure to get everyone thinking about the food they eat and how they want to live.

3. That Sugar Film

Released in 2014, That Sugar Film highlights many of the “healthy foods” on store shelves that contain astonishing amounts of sugar. Damon Gasmeau takes on an experiment with his own body and decides to consume the average amount of sugar consumed by an American on a daily basis for 60 days. But he isn’t eating candy bars and soda pop, he’s only consuming foods that are considered “healthy”… eye-opening and very supportive to anyone who’s on a mission to Eat Clean and live a better life.

4. Food Matters

Some documentaries will become classics, and this is one of them. The Producer-Directors James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch did an excellent job of encapsulating the importance of food as medicine even with the abundance of technology and advancements in medicine. An educational, entertaining and informative documentary that will bring a family together with a new sense of understanding and most likely, inspiration to adopt a Clean Eating lifestyle with more value placed on the foods you choose to consume.

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