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16Aug, 22
Clean Food Love

Meet Jayne and Paul, Who Lost 25 and 21 Pounds (Respectively) With CleanFoodCrush!

Hi, my name is Jayne and I have been married to my husband Paul, aka, “Picky Paul”, for 46 years! We have an adult son, a dog, Jazzy, and two cats, Tuukka and Snuggles!

I’m a retired special education teacher. I love to read and work in my garden. I love going to the beach. I’m very active in our church, and I help with the nursery and Super Church. I enjoy volunteering at the homeless shelter. I love to knit and my project now is making blankets for premi babies. I donate them to a local hospital for the NICU. I enjoy baking and I make my own bread in the cooler weather. I like cooking as well and I take meals to families that are ill or just having a struggle.

I have had food issues all my life, I am a sugar addict and that has impacted my life since childhood.

I remember sneaking out of the house when my parents were out and going to the corner store to buy tootsie pops! I still love sugar, but it doesn’t feel the same towards me! 

I use to take bags of snacks to bed with me and eat while I watched a show on my phone. I would buy tootsie pops in boxes of 100, and eat them all the time. I love spicy sugary candy. I have a 5 pound bag of fireballs in my closet with 3 large bags of tootsie pops. It will be donated to my church for our harvest party.

I discovered clean eating on Pinterest and wondered if it would help.  I thought “No more peanut m&m’s by my chair.  No more ice cream. Can I do this?”

I started cooking clean and really enjoying the food and I was impressed by how my health was improving so quickly. My husband noticed how much I was enjoying researching recipes and cooking the clean food.

Paul encouraged me to join the 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge and thought I would get a lot from it.

I told Picky Paul that I was only making one meal, eat it or make your grill cheese!

Paul hasn’t made a grill cheese in 10 weeks!

I have purchased several books from Rachel and I have a few more I want to get.

I haven’t been able to lose weight in years and now I am! I have been doing clean eating for 10 weeks and I am down 25lbs, Picky Paul is down 21lbs. 

➡️ I’m feeling so much better

➡️ I have more energy.

➡️ I feel more confident.

➡️ When I take a meal to someone, it’s clean!

The cheeseburger salad is a huge hit. Its on our menu once a week! The firecracker chicken is also on the rotation, Picky Paul’s request!

If you’re sitting on the fence about Joining The Challenge, just do it! You won’t regret it, I sure don’t.

One final word, I have lost the same 50lbs at least 6 times, this will be the last time.

This plan is something I will stick too for the rest of my life. 

– Jayne

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