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26Oct, 21
Clean Food Love

Meet Jen, Who Lost 32 Pounds with CleanFoodCrush!

 My name is Jen, I am 48 (49 in October) from New Jersey. I am married with 2 children in college (senior and freshman). I am an account manager and insurance producer.

I have been following CleanFoodCrush for almost a year!

I started on October 19, 2020, and I’ve lost 32 lbs. I started at 147.4. I hit my initial goal of 125 in January, so I created a new goal and I hit that goal of 117 pounds by May. I have been maintaining it ever since.

My greatest obstacle was making time to do something for myself.

I was always taking care of clients, sick parents, hubby, and of course kids, that my needs were way at the bottom of the list

Before the CleanFoodCrush Challenge:

  • I had zero energy and was at my highest weight ever- not counting my pregnancies.
  • I hated going anywhere because everything was tight.
  • I hated any photo where the proof of how awful I looked (to me)could not be avoided.
  • I tried every diet out there (think Keto and Blood Type for example) and honestly, nothing was working because I just didn’t have a real knowledge of how nutrition was supposed to work.

OMG.  The knowledge I gained from the CleanFoodCrush 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge about what I should be eating (but more importantly how often I should be eating) was game-changing. My son said to me “Mom, you are never going to be able to eat all this food.” I was a person who probably ate 2x a day. Now I’m eating 5-6 times!

I am a breakfast person, so I love the Overnight Oats – they are so easy and bringing them to work is a snap. The other recipe I cannot live without is the Protein Balls. They are just amazing! I can honestly say that out of all the recipes I have tried over the last year, I have only come across one that I did not care for.

I have no complaints when it comes to the food choices we have! It’s crazy!! 

The Challenge Has Been Life-Changing.

  • I eat more than I probably ever have.
  • I look the best I have since I graduated high school!
  • My mood is awesome and my energy level is insane.
  • My self-confidence is through the roof! And it’s not just because of the weight loss- it’s about being comfortable in my own skin!

Shortly after joining the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge, I read something that said “if you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness”. That stuck with me and really hit home. Both of my parents made such unhealthy choices which have had long-term effects on their health.

I have seen firsthand how I do not want to be. If I can make any changes to avoid what I don’t want, by damn, I am willing to try!

– Jen

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