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30Jan, 24
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How Jessica Transformed her Health with the CFC 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

We all know that many people start off the year with health goals.

Well Jessica did exactly that! But she’s not only changed her eating, she’s changed her life and is continuing on this journey.

Meet Jessica a busy wife and mother of two young children who is leading by example in her family!

My name is Jessica and I’m a busy wife, mother of two young children, and full-time employee.

As a longtime follower of CleanFoodCrush, I was looking for healthy, clean eating recipes to feed my family when I first discovered Rachel and the blog a few years ago.

Dishes like the Alice Springs chicken pizza with zucchini crust have become house favorites.

We love that we can eat delicious food that’s still good for us!

Over time, juggling family, career, entrepreneurship, and more, my own health started to spiral out of control.

I was so focused on being a good mom and wife that I lost track of taking care of myself.

I wanted to get back on track with healthy habits to have the energy to be the fun, present mom and wife I strive to be.

So in January 2024, I joined the CleanFoodCrush 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge to make a lifelong change.

😫I was tired of the weight gain, fatigue, and migraines.😫

I knew I needed to get back to clean eating principles to feel like my best self again.

🥳So far, I’ve lost 11.5 pounds and feel fantastic!🥳

My energy has returned, my cravings for sugar and carbs are gone, and my family and I have enjoyed the many delicious, nourishing recipes provided during the challenge.

I can tell this program works because the pounds are coming off and, more importantly, I feel so much better physically and mentally.

🌟I’ve also achieved some wonderful non-scale victories.

🌟I haven’t experienced any migraines since starting the program

🌟 I no longer crave processed and sugary foods like I used to.

This tells me that the clean eating principles truly are transforming my health from the inside out.

In the past, I found consistency with meal prep challenging.

But with the practical tips from the CleanFoodCrush team, I’ve not only been consistent but actually enjoy the weekly meal prep process.

It’s empowering to know exactly what healthy foods I’ll be eating each day.

I’m so grateful for the guidance and daily motivation I received through the CleanFoodCrush challenge. I appreciate that the coaches focus on progress not perfection.

Their mantra “To keep going even if you slip up!”, has pushed me to stick with it.

My only regret is that I wish I had started sooner!

Making these positive changes has transformed my health and given me the energy to be a more present wife and mom.

I feel proud to lead my family by example into a clean eating lifestyle.

Ready to Get the Tools and Support That Helped JessicaSucceed? Come and Join the Challenge!

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