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23Jul, 19
Clean Food Love

Hi there!

My name is Katie and this is the story of how I transformed my health and beat my addiction to sugar with the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge.

When I started out, I didn’t really need to lose a lot of weight. My biggest problem was a gripping addiction to sugar and didn’t know how to stop.

I NEVER ate just one cookie or one brownie.


It felt like a vicious cycle, and I knew in order to beat this, I was going to need support. 

When I saw the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge being offered, I decided to give it an honest try, and I’m so glad I did! 

Not only did I lose 8 pounds I feel so much better! 

  • I’m no longer bloated.
  • I don’t have constant stomach aches.
  • My bowels are regular.
  • My allergies are nearly gone.
  • Even my mental health has improved!

A few times throughout the challenge I struggled, but I was immediately lifted back up by the community and team of support that comes with the program.

I felt so supported, not only by Rachel’s team but by other Clean Eaters who are eager to help newbies navigate the Clean Eating world!

I completed the challenge 2 months ago and I’m still Eating Clean and thoroughly enjoying the process! When I try “cheating”, I find the things I used to eat don’t even taste good anymore! It’s been fascinating to see my mind crave something but to experience it totally different in reality!

The 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge has helped me totally retrain my tastebuds and really LOVE eating healthy.

It doesn’t feel like a chore, or like I’m eating things that don’t taste good for a cosmetic result – I’m eating recipes that taste great, that happen to nurture my health goals at the same time.

It’s normal to fall off track here and there, or to try little “cheats” once and a while. It’s a learning experience after all. But don’t worry, there are plenty of delicious Clean dessert recipes like these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites that your taste buds will love! Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels! 

My words of wisdom I have for you if you’re thinking about taking the leap and doing this challenge  is to trust the process and sign up!

I wish I would have made healthier choices a long time ago. You can do it! I am beyond busy and trust me, you can make time for this with all of the extra energy you will have once you adjust to this lifestyle!

Take advantage of an amazing group setting and support. It’s not always easy but it definitely gets easier as time goes on. Your body will thank you for it! 

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