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16Jun, 20
Clean Food Love

Meet Kelley and John, who lost 15 and 22 pounds (respectively) with CleanFoodCrush!

Hello, we are John and Kelley. My husband John is 65 years young and I am 64 years young. Although we have known each other for many years, we have been married for 5 years. We dated in high school and reunited about 8 years ago. John is a retired Navy Seabee and is currently working for the Veterans Administration retiring completely in June of next year. I retired a few years ago after working for Verizon Communications for 34 years. We are a military family, and our careers have taken us many places. We currently live on the Florida gulf coast and enjoy the beautiful beaches, traveling, children, stepchildren, and grandkids!.

Our story is probably like most people our age. As you get older, your health changes. John’s blood pressure was getting out of control. He wanted to try to control it with his diet. I was suffering from constant inflammation, bloating, GERD, joint pain, and IBS.

Because I had done low fodmap and other elimination diets, I had a little bit of control on my diet but wasn’t quite there yet. We did a few other programs for the past 2 years and felt better, lost some weight, but they were just not sustainable.

I love to cook, and having tried a few of Rachel Maser’s Clean Food Crush recipes over the past year, we started to research the program. We needed something to help us eat correctly and feed our immune systems so that we could enjoy a life without the usual aches and pains and medications.

We wanted simplicity, so we started Crushing on March 8, 2020.  John weighed in at 211 lbs and I was 151 lbs.

About a week later COVID-19 hit and we thought we really need this now to improve our immune systems as we definitely were in the high-risk group. Shopping for food was the real challenge because everything flew off the shelves during the pandemic. We noticed that the fresh produce however was abundant, and living in Florida with all the fresh seafood and fruits, we decided it probably wouldn’t be too hard to find what we needed. We just did the best we could.

Joining the Challenge was the best decision we ever made.

Week 1 was the hardest, but we learned a lot.

It was simple, and the pounds came off without very much effort on our part.

We just ate, the science behind it did the magic.

Today, John is 189lbs and I am 136lbs.  We have been clean eating for 10 weeks. We weigh in on Sunday morning and are always excited to see the result.

  • John’s blood pressure is normal to low now.
  • I have not suffered at all with the issues I was having before.
  • We crave normal, healthy fresh food.
  • We ride our bikes and walk as much as we can.
  • We have maintained or lost weight each week.

If you are looking for a way to feel better about yourself, look no further than CleanFoodCrush.

The support you receive from Rachel and the Facebook groups will help get through. Just read all the amazing results. It’s really so very simple, and your results will make you feel like a new you.


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