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6Dec, 22
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Meet Kimmer, Who Lost 17 Pounds in 30 Days, a Total of 49 Pounds Since April!

Hello, I am Kimmer, I am a 53 year old mom of two boys, 19 and 21. I have a fur baby dog, Gus who is 7.5. I have worked as an Administrative Director for the past 16 years at a statewide nonprofit. My family owns a ranch so I spend a great deal of time there. I love to be in Yellowstone National Park (YNP) volunteering or showing others the beauty. Yellowstone is such a favorite place, my license plates support it and I volunteered there for 11 weeks this summer while still following the CFC Plan! I love photography and spending time with my family.

My greatest obstacles prior to joining CFC was I was a mom first and foremost with boys that are tall and lean, I mean really lean (6’4″ and 140 pounds), who needed to gain weight while I needed to lose. 

I was cooking for them and trying to eat well, but we all know that cooking multiple meals is a lot of work and time consuming. I ate pretty healthy overall, just not always in the cleanest form. I also didn’t eat often enough, there were often long periods of time between meals and I didn’t take time to enjoy the meal I was eating, I ate it too fast. I also did not have as much physical activity as I should have in my life.

I admit, I have a love for ice cream. I needed to find a routine and system that worked for me and my life.

I started the CFC program in April of 2022. I am 1 pound shy of losing 50 pounds!

Yes, I am more than half way to my goal! I lost 17 pounds in my first 30 days and 6 inches overall. I am now at more than 17 inches lost over all. Feels so good!

I am down two sizes in clothes, I went from a 20-22 to an 18 in pants. I was in a 3XL or 2XL to a L-XL jacket. I have two closets full of clothes and most of what I tried on was too big. 

The photos attached are my 2 before photos, 2 after photos, and a before photo closeup one month before starting CFC and the last is my first week back in the office in August after being in YNP for 12 weeks! What a difference!

Finding a food plan that worked with my body and what it needed was the biggest obstacle to tackle.

I need some carbs in my system or I am prone to migraines. Apparently I was not getting the right carbs or the right amount. Since starting CFC and following the 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge plan, I have not had a migraine.

Kimmer. One Month Before her 30-Day Challenge

In addition to migraines, I had a lot of gut issues, and hot flashes/night sweats. Those have all diminished.

Kimmer, After the Challenge.

I am sleeping much better and not snoring like I was previously. I have energy to hike and walk as well as found a routine that works for my time frame. I take time intentionally 2-3 times a day to walk with Gus while at work and once in the evening after dinner.

I have learned to eat slowly and enjoy my food. I have way less cravings. I have had ice cream three times since July and each time I have it, I enjoy it but I have found that I only need a small amount, 2-4 oz at most otherwise it becomes too much. 

While following the 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge plan and volunteering in YNP during the flood I was super active working with kids at a camp. We were hiking daily and walking to all of the locations so I was getting a lot of exercise. I thought “How will I tackle eating snacks and lunches while out in the field away from a refrigerator?”

I became pretty adept at packing things that would keep without refrigeration and I learned to pack a frozen water bottle as my ice and then I had a drink later on in the day when I needed something cold and refreshing. I took lots of celery, broccoli, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, sliced chicken breast, my daily serving of nut butter, sometimes avocado or guacamole.

All of the Challenge Recipes are Detailed and Easy to Follow.

I love the Salsa chicken that is done in the crock pot, oatmeal muffins, and the peanut butter chocolate chip protein balls. . I have been able to find some of my family favorite and preferred meals but slightly modified to be clean and healthy. I have asked my family how they feel about the meals and mostly they said they taste good. I believe they are noticing more of the flavors since the food is all fresh and prepared with love rather than from a box. 🙂

My Non-Scale Victories:

➡️ Down two pant sizes

➡️ Wearing a belt that is 6″ smaller than the one I started with

➡️ Feet and ankles are no longer swollen 

➡️ Took a link out of my watch so it fits my wrist now

➡️ Walking daily with the dog – my favorite to get my steps and heart points in

➡️ Can climb 4 flights of stairs without being winded or having to stop, even carrying two bags of groceries

➡️ A friend saw me in the store and did a double take. Her comment was “Kimmer, I almost didn’t recognize you! You look fantastic!”

My biggest take away is do this for you, no one else!

I traveled extensively after my first month and even while in travel status I was able to follow the Challenge plan because there are so many options, recipes and a lot of support through the monthly groups.

Water is so vital to your body and success. I carry water bottles everywhere I go and I always ask for a lemon with my water where ever I can. It helps your body and it changes the flavor of icky tap water that may not always taste good when traveling.

Simple changes you make, like cooking your meals at home or bringing your lunch to work, are huge. You know what you put in it where when eating out they may say they are using something but you don’t know what was used to preserve the food in the process or was added for a flavor or color to make it more presentable. 

If you are in it to win it, you can do it.

 – Kimmer

Ready to Get the Tools and Support That Helped Kimmer Succeed? Come and Join the Challenge!

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