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27Feb, 24
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Kristy’s Clean Eating Journey: From Struggle to Triumph

Meet Kristy, a dedicated wife, mother of two energetic boys, and part-time preschool assistant from Kansas. She shares her inspiring journey of transformation through the 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge. Despite lifelong struggles with weight and health issues, Kristy found hope and success with CleanFoodCrush. Join us as we delve into her story of perseverance, self-discovery, and newfound vitality.

Hi, my name is Kristy, I am a 41-year-old wife and mom of 2 active boys from Kansas. I work part-time as a preschool assistant. For fun I love hanging out with my friends, puzzles, mini golf and travelling. 

My boys Connor and Nathan

I have been following Rachel and CleanFoodCrush for about 6 months now but only recently decided to join the 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge.

I originally saw a recipe post on Facebook and signed up for Rachel’s newsletter from there. 

I recently completed my first 30-day Clean Eating Challenge and have lost 10 lbs. and 2% body fat. 

Ever since I was younger, I have always struggled with my weight in some form.

I was an overweight child and in high school decided to eat healthier and exercise.

From there no matter how much I watched what I ate or exercised I was always unhappy with my appearance and never felt I was ‘small’ or ‘skinny’ enough.

Instead of treating food as fuel for my body, I looked at certain foods as ‘bad’ or ‘good’ and how they affected the number on the scale. 

After having kids my weight yo-yo’ed a lot depending on how much time I had for the gym or prepping healthy meals for my family.

As much as I tried to balance work, kids, chores and daily life … convenience always won out to preparing food; it has never been one of my strengths.

I always loved (still do) working out so the gym was never a problem, but I once was told… “you can never out-exercise your mouth“; so I needed to make nutrition a priority; but I didn’t know where to start. 

Christmas tree – Husband, Steven, and I at his work Christmas party

Before I found CleanFoodCrush I always thought that eating ‘clean’ was always so much work. I was fine with counting macros (calories etc) and that worked for a while but it got so tedious and I always forgot to track my calories to stay on target for the day which would lead to overeating.

And even though the scale was going down slowly (when I stuck to my calories for the day) I was still suffering from inflammation, bloating, itchy skin, heartburn and being tired frequently. 

In March of 2023 I started struggling with pain in my hip which I had been dealing with on and off since 2018 when I had a total hip replacement. The pain became so bad I was forced to use crutches until my hip revision surgery in June.

Relying on others for my meals and taking on a much more sedentary lifestyle the scale continued to rise.

Once I was cleared to finally go back to my regular workouts and do things for myself, my weight had skyrocketed to the highest it has been since I was pregnant!

I was depressed and mad at myself for letting it get this bad (again) but then Rachel’s email came across my inbox reminding me I had 8 weeks until Spring Break. We had a cruise planned for Spring Break and I knew now was the time. 


I have only completed one challenge, and I am down 10lbs and 2% body fat! 

🎉I have been sleeping so much better

🎉I have more energy and

🎉all those inflammation symptoms have improved or completely went away.

❤️The accountability of the challenge groups is beyond anything I have ever experienced.

For me that is the factor that really helped me stay on task and I was surprised at how much support, positive feedback, questions answered (quickly) and real time accountability the group offers. 

To me, that alone makes the challenge and this new way of eating worth it and easy.

The recipes are easy to make and don’t contain lots of expensive, weird foods. I love how week 1 tells you exactly what to eat so you can focus on preparing and getting the hang of clean eating. 

Words of Wisdom – just do it! Jump in and give it your all for 4 weeks – you deserve it. The hardest part is starting – once you do that the support of the group and the way you feel will help keep you going. 

❤️ Kristy

Ready to Get the Tools and Support That Helped Kristy Succeed? Come and Join the Challenge!

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