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30Jun, 20
Clean Food Love

Meet Laticia, who lost 42 pounds in Six Months with CleanFoodCrush!

My name is Laticia and I’m a 41yr old single DOG mom lol. It’s just me and my Bentley. 

My life is very hectic as I travel quite often for work throughout the US as a senior catastrophe claims adjuster,  so it’s hard to settle down.  Most of my days are spent climbing roofs and assessing damages to homes and businesses. Eating healthy wasn’t on my to-do list.

I enjoy the outdoors, especially hiking and traveling. I have always been active and I figured since I do so much physical activity and traveling for work, I can eat what I want. But I had a reality check in Nov 2019 when my weight topped 200lbs. When that number shot back at me It was at that moment that I decided I needed a change.

Rachel always talks about your “why” and my “why” slapped me in the face.

If you want to continue to live and do all the funs things you enjoy like hiking and traveling, you got to get it together.

My best friend (whom I’m sure was sick and tired of me complaining about my weight) challenged me to do the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge, so I figured why not? Maybe this is the kick start I needed… and it was.

Being a military veteran, excuses are not in my book. If I commit to something, nothing will get in the way of me finishing, and I looked at this as a commitment to myself.

I became an annual member after my first challenge back in Dec as I knew the accountability would keep me focused.

Before CleanFoodCrush I never understood how important it was to recognize the effects of food on your body. I didn’t read labels or care what I ate, now that has changed.

I’m eating a more balanced and nutritious meal despite being in and out of hotels. I enjoy cooking and look forward to trying a new recipe each week.

I have lost 42 lbs in 6 months of CFC and I have never felt better.

I do incorporate exercise into my daily routine and am currently training to run my very first half marathon.

I find myself ever so grateful for CleanFoodCrush

I will always speak to this program and when I’m asked what diet I’m on. My response is I’m not on a diet. I made a lifestyle change. You can too but you have to want it bad enough and get rid of the excuses.

My advice to new Crushers is to be patient with the process. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall, just pick yourself up and keep going. 10% effort is better than no effort at all but to see the change you have to really want to change and work hard for it. 


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