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3Sep, 19
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My name is Lori Donahue and I am 57 years old currently working as a bookkeeper. I was previously married for 26 years and homeschooled our four children for 18 years and also helped my husband with his business.

After that marriage ended in divorce, my world was turned upside down as I needed to get back into the workforce and went into complete survival mode.

Six years after my divorce, I met a man in church and we married in 2017. I soon found out that he was living a double life as our marriage came crashing down after lies, cheating, betrayal, and abuse.

My husband was arrested for domestic violence and I was given a one-year court-ordered protection order for my safety. We are still awaiting a criminal trial to take place. I managed to work full time and navigate through all the legal paperwork needed for court and the divorce. I was on a physician watch for severe post-trauma.

All of this led me to use food to comfort myself and I began gaining weight. All of the stress and post-trauma caused my body to gain a lot of fat in my midsection and I wasn’t myself.

It was hard for me to sleep and relax as I had flashbacks and sweats and shakes. It seemed as if my mind, body, and emotions were on a downward spiral.

I saw the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge on Facebook and signed up. I wanted to take the power back in my life and get my habits under control.

I read somewhere that with proper nutrition and exercise, you can actually change the chemical processing in your brain and begin healing post-trauma.

I was determined to begin the new and healthy habits to take care of myself and get my life back on track. I liked the help and recipes that were given daily in the challenge and also appreciated having such easy access to all the information.

It was wonderful to be part of a group that was so encouraging and helpful every step of the way. I quickly realized that I had acquired many unhealthy habits that I had been using to cope. I needed to shift and make a mindful decision that this was going to be a lifetime change in order to become healthy and happy again.

I lost 12 pounds and several inches during the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge with my new and improved healthy eating habits. I also began walking each day. 

I began to feel better and rest better. I felt more relaxed and peaceful and yet, also had more energy. I began to have hope again. Once I began to feel better, I also began to look better and return to my happy self again.

I am riding my motorcycle again, swimming in the ocean, and walking on the beach watching sunsets. I am eating healthy and drinking lots of water. 

This challenge has been the right decision for me to get my life moving in a forward healthy and healing direction. I am very thankful for Rachel and the CleanFoodCrush team for all they have offered me.

The challenge catapulted me in the direction of a life of health and happiness. I would recommend everyone to try it and see the difference it can make in your life physically, mentally and emotionally. It has been such a blessing in my life.

Lori Donahue

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