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11Jul, 17
Clean Eating before and after transformation
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Karla lost 30 pounds with CleanFoodCrush

Hi there 🙂  

My name is Karla, I am 47 years old.

Thanks for letting me share my experience on the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge with you. I’ve lost 30 pounds and transformed my health, so I’m excited to let you in on how the journey went!

I’m a mom to a 19 year old college student, and a 13 year old 8th grader. I have a wonderful boyfriend with two 18 year old twins and a dog named Max! I work in the medical field and love to be doing anything outside for fun.

Before I started the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge I struggled to losing weight, and my self-image was suffering. I couldn’t find clothes that fit and I really wanted to feel good again.

Karlas Weight Loss Story with CleanFoodCrush

The 30 Day Challenge helped me gain my self confidence back!!!  I’ve lost over 30lbs since February and the inches just keep coming off!!!

  • Since starting the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge I’ve been feeling amazing!
  • I’m not tired anymore or suffering from carrying extra weight
  • I’m no longer experiencing the sugar high’s and lows
  • I am very aware of what I am putting in my body, the inches and weight have come off
  • my blood pressure is way better
  • Most of all I am enjoying my new lifestyle!

Karla picture of before and after eating clean

The 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge experience has been AWESOME for me.  I’ve seen myself become “ME” again.  Once my son and boyfriend saw the results I had, they wanted on board too!

We all love the healthy foods but learning how to cook things properly on this plan has made a huge difference for us. My son is in Iowa City (college student) and now we even share food pictures and different recipes with each other. Who would have thought? lol! My boyfriend and son have both had huge success in this.  Slowly getting my daughter on board too, so maybe in the near future they will be sharing their stories with you as well. 

Grilled Chicken Caesar Wraps CleanFoodCrush Recipe
Here are my final words of support to share with you if you’re considering taking this challenge on… 

It’s only as difficult as you make it!! This challenge can be EASY.  The first week is tough but you will get through it and feel so accomplished. Plus, the food and recipes really taste great. One thing you won’t ever have to worry about is being hungry on this plan, and I think that’s why it works so incredibly well.

Set small goals for yourself, it’s awesome when you meet them. Give this time, nothing happens over night. Rely on the group for private 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge group that you get invited to after you sign up for support and ideas, it’s the key. Make this your new way of life and you will love it! Never give up!! I support you and so does the rest of the CleanFoodCrush team!

30 Day Clean Eating Challenge


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