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25Feb, 20
Clean Food Love

My name is Megan Unger. I am a 32-year-old single mom of two young kids. I’ve lost 31 pounds since September following the Clean Eating Challenge.

For fun, I like spending time with my kids. We like to play board games and read books. I also enjoy cooking, and lately, I have been exercising in my free time. 

Before I found CleanFoodCrush I was a huge emotional eater. I would binge on sugar and carbs. I had tried diets in the past and saw temporary results, but I would quickly go right back to old habits. 

The 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge was scheduled to start on my 32nd birthday. When I woke up that morning and saw the email about the challenge that was going to start that day, something clicked for me. I decided to take the leap and join!

I have lost a total of 31 pounds since September. I have better mental clarity and more natural energy. Now, thanks to CleanFoodCrush I even enjoy exercising and learning about nutrition!

I started working with a personal trainer which is something I never would have done before going through the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge. It jump-started my fitness journey and lit the spark for me to become of me a whole new version of myself! 

The 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge was easy to follow. Rachel had everything laid out in the materials she supplied, so it was very easy to stick with! I loved the recipes, the support was incredible – I couldn’t have asked for more.

If you’re considering joining the next challenge, take the leap. Join the challenge. You are worth the investment and this program really works!

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