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30Apr, 19
Clean Food Love

My name is Nicole Ramos, and I’m 41 years young.

I recently had a lot of success with the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge, and I’m thrilled to share my story with you!

I am married with 6 fur babies, three dogs, and three cats. I work part-time for Uber/Lyft and love it! I genuinely love to serve people. You never know what a kind word, gesture, or smile can do for someone.

I’ve been permanently disabled from idiopathic gastroparesis since 2003. Before that, I felt invincible. I could eat, drink, and do whatever I wanted without an impact!

For years, I was so debilitatingly ill. My diet consisted of super dry, deli cut turkey breast, toast, and ginger ale. I literally could not consume water or any other foods without getting violently sick and winding up in the hospital.

I almost died several times from organs failing and malnutrition. I had no control and was told I’d always be this way (many die from gastroparesis). For a time in my life, I was living off of feeding tubes, IVs and pediasure. I’ve had six pacemakers placed in my stomach to help me with quality of life.

It wasn’t till about three years ago I could even drink water, and that feeling was soooo liberating! I branched out on foods and was so over being restricted, and I thought to myself, “even if I get sick, I’m eating it.”

That caused huge up and downs in my weight that was so hard on me and my pacemakers. I just figured the fluctuations were normal. Doctors told me to get as many calories in me as I could, but the list of things I couldn’t eat was pages long, so I just ate whatever stayed in. When I met my husband in 2017, I weighed about 123 lbs. I felt good about my weight. 

I had a hysterectomy in Jan of 2018, and that threw my body into chaos. No matter what I did, I was steadily gaining weight. In less than a year I gained over 45 lbs and was miserable!

Nothing and I mean nothing fit! Underwear sizes were going up, but still, circulation was making feet numb. I felt out of control of my body again, and it was scary!

My friends and I talked about how serious we were about getting healthy. We were all trying new things and different avenues. I chose one thing which led me to here! I joined the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge to have support and resources that I wouldn’t have had doing it all on my own.

I wasn’t sure if I could eat the foods (and some I can’t but so many alternatives!) With the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge, I learned what I needed to make it all work. Not just for weight loss but to be healthy!!

I have learned that lifestyle change IS a mindset! There are going to be tough times, setbacks, but they ARE NOT FAILURES! THEY ARE LEARNING CURVES!

If I did not have the love and support of the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge, I’m not sure where I would have turned to when my husband left me.

This group helped me keep it all together in some very tough times, food and heart wise. I am beyond blessed to have “happened” to find Clean Eating! It has changed my life!

In the 30 days, I have lost 8.8 lbs. I have lost a total, over the whole body, 15.5 inches! In 30 days my BMI went down 2.5 and my body fat went down 2.2.

Do not let small set-backs define your progress! I remember grabbing a shirt that I had never worn because it was too small but it fit beautifully! This isn’t just about the weight, it’s the way you feel about how far you’ve come!

I am not the same person I was before. My skin and hair look amazing! My gut is healthier than it has been in 16 yrs!

I just had to figure out and listen to what worked for my body. Thank you, Rachel, administration, and all the ladies! I have more to go but I wouldn’t be here without your support!

My family is so happy to see me healthy for the first time in a long long time.


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