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4Feb, 23

Alice Springs Chicken (Copycat) You just might recognize this ultra-popular chicken dish if you’ve ever visited an Outback Steakhouse restaurant. Yes, I’m *that* person who very often orders chicken at a steakhouse. Alice Springs Chicken is on another level. And I actually FAR prefer making it at home. It’s all hot n’ bubbly and completely Read More!

13Jan, 23

Air Fryer Whole Chicken This is an absolute MUST-HAVE recipe to keep in your favorite good eats arsenal especially if you’re an Air Fryer lover like me. Everything about this chicken is complete perfection and it couldn’t be simpler! Hands-on time are super minimal, so you can go make a fun side dish or just Read More!

8Jan, 23

Healthier Chicken Parmesan 🍅 Ok so let’s address the elephant in this blog post 🐘 before everyone throws tomatoes at me 😅. This is NOT traditional chicken parmesan, and not even chicken parm – really. This *IS* a very quick and easy way to get many of the flavors of chicken parmesan onto your dinner Read More!

7Jan, 23

Pulled Chicken Sweet Potato Sliders Add these saucy lil’, flavor-packed Pulled Chicken Sweet Potato Sliders to your menu this weekend! They are absolutely irresistible! Excellent game day party food, but equally great for family dinner or meal prep. Throw your chicken ingredients in the slow cooker earlier in the day, go do your thing, or Read More!

31Dec, 22

Avocado Green Salsa 🥑🌱 Are you looking for the best party snacks to make this weekend? Avocado Green Salsa is a crowd favorite every time! Set out some chips and fresh vegetables to dip, and you’re set! This salsa is great to make ahead of time and store in the fridge, which makes entertaining easier. Read More!

7Dec, 22

Chicken Club Lettuce Wrap 🍗How to QUICKLY take that leftover chicken from last night, and turn it into a fresh tasty lunch idea you can pack for work or school. 🥗Seems like I always have leftover cooked chicken breasts in the fridge (on purpose) to add to future salads and soups the following day, but Read More!

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