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19Nov, 19
Clean Food Love

 Hi there!

​My name is Patricia Medina. I’m 46 years old and am a student at Howard University School of Law.

I lost 14 pounds and lots of inches with the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge. Here’s my story 🙂 

I am also married to an incredible husband who cheers me on while I pursue my dreams of becoming a lawyer.  I am the mother of amazing 21-year-old twins who are in college.

As a student, I don’t have much time for fun, but I do enjoy working with my mock trial advocacy teammates to improve on our litigation skills. 

​My greatest challenge before Clean Eating was time management and portion control. As a law student, most of my time is spent reading voluminous amounts of case law and understanding its applications.  Buying fast food was easier than cooking, and when I did cook, I tended to eat large portions.  

I was constantly sluggish over the last few years and it felt like I never had enough rest. I also felt bloated all the time. The 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge has helped in so many ways. I feel amazing and I have more energy than I’ve had in years! 

By the third day on the challenge, I felt the need to get my body moving. That is not something I ever felt inspired to do before. Now I can feel the difference in my body when I eat something that isn’t clean. My body aches and I feel that lack of energy every time. It’s incredible how quickly I’ve been able to shift my health and body awareness through this challenge.

Because of the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge and all I have learned, I am intentional about what I eat. I make sure to buy Clean products, look at labels, and eat as much real food as I can. I haven’t been 100% “Clean” with everything I eat, but the program makes it easy to get back on track quickly and does not expect perfection.

Rachel is always encouraging us to be self-loving and focus on what we CAN eat, and not on what we can’t. Between the meal plan, and the support group, I never worry about my mistakes.  That is one of the reasons I love this eating lifestyle so much!

​Finally, but most importantly, I learned how to eat for life. This is not a “diet.” This is a way to live. The program helped me to understand how important Clean Eating is for me to be my best self.

 A friend of mine started following CleanFoodCrush on Facebook in January of 2019  and I decided to join too. When we started, I was at 246 pounds and did not feel good about myself.

I tried to eat better on my own and was able to lose 10 pounds before joining the Challenge to get that extra support and guidance I so clearly needed.

When I started this plan, I weighed 236 pounds. I was a perfect hourglass shape. My measurements were 52, 44, 52.  My arms were 18 inches and my thighs were 28 inches.

Now I weigh 222. I’m still an hourglass, but now I’m 49, 40, 47. My arms are 15 inches and my thighs are 24 inches.  I went from a 2 XL to between an XL and a large!

​My biggest fear before joining the challenge was that I wouldn’t have enough time to cook. My schoolwork is very demanding, but meal prepping on the weekends made following the program a dream!

I’m able to prepare my meals ahead of time and have them ready to go first thing in the morning. I can focus better and get even more work done now that I’m fueling my brain properly.

My advice for anyone on the fence about joining – trust yourself and just do it!  I was on the fence for months before joining the program. I was afraid. Afraid I didn’t have the time. Afraid I didn’t have the money. Afraid of failing. 

But now I know it was the best possible gift I could have given to myself. I feel fantastic, I feel ALIVE! Yes, the plan takes time, but it is time well spent.

Yes, it takes money, but I saved money in the long run by cooking for myself and nothing is worth more than having my energy and body back. And my biggest fear of failure? Well, that was easy to overcome with the support of my fellow crushers and Rachel’s team.

I am forever grateful and dedicated to Clean Eating!

❤ Patricia



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