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16Jan, 18
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CleanFoodCrush Clay Mask RecipeOk you guys, this is SERIOUSLY my Number #1 gorgeous skin secret and I just HAVE to share it with you.

I’ve been using this inexpensive clay mask forever and I can’t believe how magical it is on my skin.

This is the ONLY mask recipe you’ll ever need! It makes my skin so incredibly smooth, cleanses dirt from my pores and makes them smaller so my complexion looks even and GLOWS.

There are so many expensive beauty products on the market that contain harmful chemicals, so I couldn’t hold this one back anymore. I LOVE sharing my favorite products with you and the rest of my CleanFoodCrush family.

Rachel Hearts emojiCleanFoodCrush Clay Face Mask RecipeYou ready? All you need is this Aztec Secret Healing Clay from Amazon + Apple Cider Vinegar! Use equal parts ACV & Clay to get the best results. If you have sensitive skin, make sure to do a patch test first by putting the mixture on a small part of your arm or face only.

Rachel Maser CleanFoodCrush Clay Mask

Here’s what you’re gonna need: ACV + this AMAZING Aztec Clay from Amazon, a bowl and an application brush (or you can just use your hands but I like to create a spa-like experience!)

Rachel Maser and Jason CleanFoodCrush Beauty RecipeClay Mask Recipe


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