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21Feb, 19
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Sugar addiction is real, and it’s something I’ve had my own journey with.

I used to think I was “being a good mom” baking treats for my kids all weekend, not considering what we were putting into our bodies.

Once I began my journey with Clean Eating, everything changed.

Here are Seven Signs You Have a Crush on Sugar (THIS used to be ME!)

1. Overuse

Daily sodas, requiring sugar in coffee & tea, late night sweet cravings, eating sweets you regret later… these are ALL signs that you’ve got the sugar bug.

2. Increased Tolerance

You find yourself needing more sugar in coffee and tea than before, eating more significant portions of candy, needing sweet things to be even sweeter.

3. Withdrawal

Does a day without any sugar sound challenging? Have you tried to take a day off from sugar and felt miserable? Do you binge on sugar?

4. Ignoring Negative Consequences

Do you want to lose weight but eat sugar anyway? Do you feel depressed without sugar? Is your body filled with aches and pains?

5. Stubborn Weight

Are you doing many things right, but can’t get the scale or body fat % to change? Do you have your results stuck? Have you been working out, eating well, but you still aren’t losing weight?

6. Loss Of Control

Do you not eat sugar for a while, then eat a lot at once? Do you buy and make more sugary food than you need? Is there always at least some form of sugar out in the open? Do you avoid the kitchen? Do you never leave the kitchen? Do you eat too many snacks and know it?

7. Over Prioritization

Have you gone out of your way for sugar? Have you been late for a meeting because you stayed extra time for dessert? Does sugar control areas of your life? Do you see yourself grabbing for the sugar when you have a drink?

If you said yes to any of the above, you might have a crush on sugar. So now what!? Here are a few ways to start breaking the cycle:

  • Swap out your soft drinks with soda water (note: NOT tonic water, which also contains sugar.) and add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice.
  • Add fresh slices of fruits and herbs to your water to add flavor.
  • Drink more water to help your body detox.
  • Have a healthy breakfast
  • Get some daily exercise to boost endorphins naturally
  • Try taking L-Glutamine, an amino acid that helps reduce sugar cravings
  • Try taking magnesium to help balance your blood sugar
  • Get enough sleep (our will power is low when we’re tired!)
  • Start Eating Clean

And Finally, make a plan and create an accountability structure! Try the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge and get your meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and a private support group where my team and I will help you every step of the way! 

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