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6May, 18
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Best Mother's Day For Clean Eating Gift Ideas

I’m actually logging off of social media for the entire weekend to simply be my favorite thing … a Mom…

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my CFC momma friends, and especially the ones who feel like they are not doing the mom thing good enough…because I promise you, the fact that you care means that you ARE.

If you’re still looking for a Mother’s Day gift for your Mother, a friend, or a cheat sheet for your own family, here are my Amazon picks for mom:

❤ Rachel


1. I make so many recipes with this Spiralizer! It’s fantastic for low-carb pasta dishes and slicing veggies too.

Grab the spiralizer on Amazon here.

Fleischer Wolf Seville Series Cookware Set

2. This BEAUTIFUL Wolf Fleischer Wolf  Seville Series Cookware Set is so reasonably priced.

Find this 10 piece Cookware Set on Amazon here.

Philips Digital Air Fryer

3. Air Fryers are a super smart idea! If you LOVE French fries and other fried foods but want to stick to your Clean Eating goals, this little air fryer is amazing 🙂

Get this Air Fryer on Amazon here.

Mama Bear Coffee Mug

4. It’s the little things! Seriously, even the smallest gesture like this adorable Mama Bear Coffee Mug makes me smile 🙂

Get this Mama Bear Coffee Mug on Amazon here.

French Press

5. A French Press is an easy way to get AMAZING results with your coffee every single time.

Simply place your grounds inside, boil water, pour it over, set a timer for 2-6 minutes depending on the grade of beans you have and you’ve got coffee!

I like the stainless steel ones as the glass is too easy to break with a houseful of teenagers.

Grab this French Press on Amazon here.

Total Blender-Classic with Four Side Jar

6. If there’s ever a special day to get that PERFECT blender you’ve always wanted, Mothers Day is THE day! I love my Blendtec

Get this Blendtec Blender on Amazon here.

Mothers Day CleanFoodCrush Gift Ideas

As an Extra Special Mothers Day Gift from me to you, 

Get $20 off the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge!

30 Day Clean Eating Challenge


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