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23May, 23
Clean Food Love

Meet Stephanie! She Lost 17 lbs and 3 Belt Sizes

All thanks to sticking with our 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge.


Hi! 🌞 My name is Stephanie, I’m 39 and own a business called “Yes She Can Plumbing!”

I’ve always been active and love defying stereotypes. From my hobbies of AcroYoga and pole dancing to excelling in a male dominated career, if there is a challenge. I will say challenge accepted!

I came across Clean Food Crush from some recipe suggestions on my Facebook.

And OMG they were delicious!

The Chilli Casserole is definitely my all time favorite!  And the Air fried buffalo potatoes, so so good! So I definitely had a soft spot for Rachels website already.

Then one day I was tired of the extra weight I had gained in the last 3 years, in the pursuit of growing my business, I would eat fast food running from one client to another. I knew that this wasn’t my happiest state and I wanted to feel healthy inside and out again.

I missed being active outside of work and just feeling internally “younger.”

Old “perfectionist thinking” me would have been:

📣 do the nutrition

📣 go to the gym,

📣 do yoga

📣 enroll back in pole (dancing)

📣 make sure you sleep at least 8 hours.

📣📣📣📣BE ABSOLUTELY Perfect!!!

And you know what?

I would last a week and give up! 

So on that day I had made up my mind once again of making the decision to change my habits.

But I would start with “one small thing,” my nutrition.

Because as the cliche goes, you can’t out train a bad diet. BUT Old perfectionist thinking me would have been do the nutrition, go to the gym. Do yoga, do pole, make sure you sleep at least 8 hours. BE ABSOLUTELY Perfect!!! And you know what? I would last a week and give up again! 

So on that day I had made the decision again to change my habits, saying I would start with “one small thing,” my nutrition, voila! An advertisement for the 30 Day Challenge from CFC came across my page.

It was like Facebook was listening to my mind! (Okay we all know it kind of does).

So I enrolled and 30 days later I was 3 belt sizes smaller and 17 pounds less!

With the help of those at CleanFoodCruch, I remembered how to eat sustainably healthy and found so many amazing new recipes to keep me on my new path!

And let’s not forget about having the accountability of the group and having someone to answer questions about nutrition on the spot!

It helps achieve your goals so much easier!

🤩🤩I feel more energetic, my joints hurt less and I just feel more of my happy go lucky self! 

Wouldn’t want to change a thing 🙂

Thanks Rachel, Billie Jo , Amy Wagner and the rest of the team for helping me remember how to have healthy habits!


Ready to Get the Tools and Support That Helped Stephanie Succeed? Come and Join the Challenge!

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