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18Sep, 16
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“Life’s problems wouldn’t be called ‘hurdles’ if there wasn’t a way to get over them.”

Clean Eating can bring with it quite a number of ‘hurdles’. Sometimes, it’s an internal struggle, other times difficulties can be caused by family members. A limited budget can also pose a big challenge.

How do you stay on-track? What do you need in order to jump over those hurdles?

Let this be your guide:

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1. Make sure you’re surrounded with an abundance of real, whole food.

Some of the most common excuses we have are: “I don’t have time.”,  “I don’t have the right ingredients.”, and even “That’s not something that my family eats.” These excuses can be set aside when you’re aptly prepared to face your daily challenges.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve your health, or get the entire family to eat clean; making sure your home has as much whole food as possible, is definitely going to help you get there.

Stock up on fresh produce that’s easy to pick up and eat (e.g. vegetable sticks, clean dips, frozen fruits). Look for fresh produce that is in season – they tend to be on sale.

Prep meals ahead of time so that you are always ready to serve something clean and healthy – even when you’re super busy or just plain tired.

Clean ingredients you use often should always be kept stocked in the pantry. Nut butters, coconut oil/cream, almond flour, quinoa, brown rice, and your favorite herbs and spices; among others.


2. Keep it interesting – get a dependable Clean Eating recipe book or follow a Clean Eating blog!

Making the switch from processed food to whole food is half the battle!

Real, whole food offers so many possibilities with just a change in spice, the addition of a healthy grain, or even with just a bit of lemon zest!

Figuring out which ingredients will taste good together, can be tricky. Avoid the expensive (and sometimes disheartening) trial and error route by getting yourself a Clean Eating cookbook packed with easy to make, delicious recipes!

Our blog that offers scrumptious Clean Food ideas is a great source to add variety to your menu/meal plan. We are constantly adding new recipes to the list.


3. Use technology – grab your tablet/smartphone and get on social media.

Clean Eating may have been around for years, but some of the best tools for sticking to it include modern tech like mobile gadgets and apps!

Follow  healthy eating pages that will keep you focused on your clean eating goals. Pinterest is also a haven of new recipes, nifty meal prep ideas, and an abundance of inspiration.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions through the comments section too! Chances are, someone who follows the page will have the answer you need.

The MyFitnessPal app and other similar health-related apps can also give you important information such as calorie counts and nutritional data. These are essential if you have special dietary needs and need the extra help balancing your food intake.


4. Be part of a supportive, Clean Eating-focused community.

How is it different from following a Facebook page?

While a Facebook page gets you updated on new recipes, gives you daily insights on Clean Eating, answers some of the questions. It’s not enough.

A Clean-Eating community, like the one we have with over 50,000 members does all of that and more. It also provides you with an environment that keeps you accountable while progressing forward.

Members with similar goals as yours, are your source of strength and guidance when the going gets tough.

It’s also an amazing place to discover all that’s already been tried and tested in Clean Eating practices. Giving you proven methods and strategies that you can apply to your own routine.

The community also helps you stay on the Clean Eating path by providing you with weekly objectives. These short-term targets are a fantastic way of working your way to accomplishing more goals.

Now remember that quote about hurdles?

All that was mentioned above can serve as boosters in ‘jumping over’ those Clean Eating Challenges!

Want to share how YOU got over those hurdles and continue to stick to your Clean Eating goals?

Share them in the comments section!

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