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3Sep, 18
24 Pounds Tammy's Clean Food Crush Transformation
Clean Food Love

Tammy Clean Eating Weight Loss Story

Hi there! My name is Tammy and I recently took the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge.

So far I’ve lost 24 pounds and I have 10 more to go. I recognize the importance of celebrating every step of the way rather than waiting until I’m at the finish line to acknowledge how hard I’ve worked 🙂

I first discovered CleanFoodCrush when I found a recipe on Pinterest when my gym was encouraging Eating Clean.

I followed recipes from Rachel for about 2 years before I actually signed up for the challenge. I went really slowly instead of jumping head first and that’s what felt best for me.

In January I was feeling terrible and decided I was ready to jump in and make the commitment. I was experiencing a lot of inflammation my doctor couldn’t find anything wrong, but I didn’t feel good. So I decided cleaning up my diet would help.

Eat Clean Grilled Corn Salad

It’s a lot easier to eat clean than to diet. I don’t think of this as a diet, it’s a lifestyle and I really like Rachel’s idea of the 80/20 mindset.

You don’t have to be perfect, nothing in life is perfect. If I have a meal that’s not super clean when I’m out, I don’t feel like I’m cheating. To me, this is a way healthier mindset and allows me to live my life while staying committed to eating and feeling well.

When my kids were little I wanted them to eat healthy so it wasn’t a huge shock to the family when I started making more changes. We were pretty much a meat and potato and veggie family, so everyone has been pretty on board.

We eat as a family and enjoy the same meals without complaints! If my husband really wants mashed potatoes, he makes them and we throw in a few sweet potatoes.

My mom did the challenge with me and she has been learning slowly to detox from sugar and bread. She’s slowly seeing some weight come off, and everything is coming into balance.

I don’t get enough exercise because I work from home and have shoulder pain, so I need to eat clean to lose weight. I’ve lost 24 pounds since the first challenge and I lost the first 10 pounds in 6 weeks. Here are my results:

  •  My sleep is so much better, I don’t snore anymore
  • Inflammation is much better and I can tell now when I eat junk that it’s impacting me, especially really salty food
  • My cravings are way lower, I’m happy with my portions
  • I lost a total of 24 pounds total and my goal is to lose another 10

Tammy lost 24 pounds with CleanFoodCrush

I’ve done different programs in the past, so at first, my husband was like “here we go again” but this one is different and he’s been really happy with the investment. He is eating and feeling better too as a result!

It’s been a slow process for me, but also a steady process. My next goal was to get under 160 and when I finally did that last week I was celebrating so hard!!

I’m 55 and it’s not realistic to want to weight what I did when I was 45, but I’m looking to feel good, be strong and be healthy.

I appreciated so much about the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge. The community is really helpful! Everyone shares recipes and tips, and you can post photos of what you’re making. It’s really fun to learn how to prepare new meals with a group of people who can give you feedback on how to make it better. I’m eating foods I didn’t eat before and I’m using new tools that make prep a whole lot easier.

We’ve been trying tons of different recipes and new flavors and that’s been really fun. I love all of the dressings! It’s so nice to have foods and recipes that are healthy and taste amazing.

Here’s my advice to newcomers: Don’t be afraid of week 1! And try new things. As you work through things the first month your taste buds DO change.

A good example of that, is I’m eating things like sweet potato and tomato – foods I didn’t like before! I’m learning new things and enjoying all sorts of foods I never thought I would.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Be open-minded – it’s good to jump in 100%, but you can also take small steps to get to that place if that’s what works for you.

This is not an all or nothing challenge. The first week is difficult, but then it gets easier and it becomes flexible. The wisdom here is to not be afraid of change.

30 Day Clean Eating Challenge for Weight Loss

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