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24Apr, 18
Pauls Review of 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge by CleanFoodCrush
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Paul Lost 36 Pounds Clean Eating Review

Hi there! I’m Paul.

I recently completed the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge, this is my review of the program!

I’m 46 years old and married with two kids. My spare time consists of watching my daughter cheer for high school and my son pitch for college.

It  was December 2017 and I was getting ready for work. I looked at myself in the mirror and I didn’t like what I was saw. I started looking at photos of healthy meals my friends would post on Facebook from ideas they got from a group called “CleanFoodCrush”. After a couple of weeks of seeing the delicious pictures I decided to join the group, as I wanted more information on how to make them myself.

Clean Food Crush Motivational Quotes

Before I found the CleanFoodCrush Clean Eating group I really didn’t know where to start. The supermarket shelves can be very overwhelming. Who has time to read all the labels and google every ingredient you can’t pronounce? I went to the gym here and there, but never really got the results I wanted.

Around this same time my company was having a “biggest loser” competition to start off the New Year. I wasn’t going to join because I dreaded the weigh-ins and I really didn’t have a plan for losing weight, at least not enough to win a competition. So after joining the group I decided that’s it I’m going all in. I signed up for the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge and meal plans!

I went out and bought a bunch of spices, some extra containers and a second refrigerator to store my prepped meals. That purchase isn’t necessary for the challenge but it held me accountable, and trust me so did my wife!

My first weigh in was Jan 3rd I was 242lbs. I hit a snag as I didn’t clear out all my junk food. So I started all over on Jan 8th with no junk food in the house.

Once I got the food and cooking part down I mixed in more exercising and after 10 weeks I was down to 218lbs! The competition at work ended, I won and haven’t looked back.

Pauls Review of 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

I’ve kept up my Clean Eating and exercise and today I’ve lost a total of 36lbs with a little more to go.

Now that I have the charts and recipes from CleanFoodCrush it makes shopping a lot easier. You find the things you like to eat with the choices they give and make your shopping list accordingly.

I’m eating things I never thought I’d like (only cause I never tried them) and I’m cutting other things out without missing them at all.  

The biggest result so far is losing 36lbs. Also, my doctor has completely taken me off blood pressure and cholesterol medicines.
I no longer feel chronic foot pain from an old sports injury. My cardio and exercise routine has increased with no fatigue.

This experience has helped all of my family members as they can see my results for themselves. They are eating the foods with me. We’ve removed unhealthy items from our home and are all feeling so much better! 

I was never a big cook but now I really enjoy preparing meals, especially knowing exactly what my family and I are eating.
Another plus is we now occasionally workout together, when our schedules allow it and it’s fun!

Clean Salad Prep Ideas
My advice to anyone considering taking the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge is to give it a solid effort from the start and you won’t be disappointed.

I suggest removing all the unhealthy foods from your refrigerator, freezer & cabinets before you even start. Next pick up some extra food prep containers, if you don’t already have a bunch. Then follow the program to a T. Make substitutions with ingredients for allergy purposes but don’t cheat!

Take one thing at time, first get the eating part down then mix in your exercising and increase the intensity as you start to feel better. Don’t try and run 5 miles on day 1. Slow and consistent is the way to go. 

30 Day Clean Eating Challenge



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