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13Jul, 21
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Meet Tina and Her Son Who Lost 30 and 60 Pounds (respectively) with CleanFoodCrush!

I started following Rachel and CFC at the beginning of 2018. My first challenge was in August 2018, where I went on to lose about 40 lbs as an annual member. Unfortunately, life happened, and I was not able to continue my annual membership at the end of 2019.

As the stress of life caught up to me, I turned back to my old ways of eating and not exercising and gained back all the weight I had lost on CFC. I began having chest pains, not sleeping, being out of breath, my clothes didn’t fit, I had aches all over my body, and I was just generally miserable and unhappy.

I saw a cardiologist who told me I was going to die if I kept on the track I was on. I knew immediately that I had to find my way back to what I knew was the healthy lifestyle and support of CFC.

I returned as an annual member for the December 16th, 2020 challenge. Since then, in seven months of challenges, I have lost 30.8 lbs and 40 inches.

➡️ My resting and exercising heart rates are in the normal range

➡️ My body no longer aches from sugar overload

➡️ I now sleep at least 7 hours a night.

➡️ As a bonus, my skin is clear and shiny,

➡️ I can breathe normally 

➡️ I bought new clothes!

My favorite features of the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge are the support from other members and moderators. Everyone has been in the same situation that you are in, or new members ask the same questions that you had when you were new. It’s truly like a family of wonderful, supportive friends who truly understand.

What keeps me inspired and motivated? Seeing the success of others, along with comparison photos of how far we have come. I also love trying new clean recipes that my super picky husband will actually eat and love!

The best part of my experience with CFC is that I inspired my son to change his lifestyle as well! Trevor was a long-haul truck driver for two years, living the hard life of no exercise and truck stop food. He knew it was killing him, as he gained nearly 100 lbs during that time. He is only 23 years old and weighed almost 400 lbs. His final straw was that he was declined entry to flight school, which has always been his dream, due to his weight. He decided that he wanted to try CFC along with me at the end of March.

Since then he has lost 63.9 lbs and is going strong on his journey! Only 21.9 lbs to go to get accepted to flight school! Neither of us could have even imagined the success we are feeling as we work hard to live a clean lifestyle and achieve our goals!

I try to share my journey frequently in the CFC challenge group because I know how much of an impact seeing the success of others has on me, so I want to try to be inspiring to others.

Don’t ever get started eating the typical American diet. Don’t eat junk, fast food, candy, high sugar, or high carb snacks. And definitely start your babies off with healthy, nutritious foods to give them a head start on a healthy lifestyle!

Week one is HARD. It’s called a challenge for a reason. You have to be willing to commit to yourself, do things differently, and change your mindset to be successful. Excuses and trying to change the program to fit your tastes/preferences won’t work in your favor. It’s only one week, and it is so worth it when you really give it your full commitment!

Also, take before photos and measurements, no matter how much you don’t want to see the reality at the time. You will LOVE and APPRECIATE having something to look back on. It’s such a great feeling to compare them to your progress photos!

– Tina

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