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16Sep, 14
Clean Food Love

In my new Transformation Tuesday series I’m going to be sharing stories from other people who are also having success shifting to a clean eating lifestyle.

Here’s the first of many!  – Rach <3

Jen Marco:

Clean eating has changed my life, because it’s not just about the food, the calories, or the lack of chemicals.  It’s because of the peace that comes from eating in a mindful, conscious state.  It’s so easy to become unaware, unconscious, and unaligned, which blocks the flow of creativity and ability to reach goals.  Aligning the physical body, mind and spirit is possible, though, through gentle self care through clean eating.

Clean eating creates change that go beyond the physical body.  The increase of clarity in the mind and spirit free up the brain power to grow and expand.  The joyfulness of spirit opens space up for true connection with others, for courage to achieve goals, and belief in inspired possibilities.

It’s not just about food.  It’s about becoming a creator of everything in our worlds.  When I weighed 100 pounds more than I do now, I hardly created anything.  I was merely reacting to life, to circumstance, and to depression and fatigue.  I released the weight through eating in a way that was kind to my body while I was also kind to my spirit.

It doesn’t have to expensive, complicated, or extremely time consuming.  It’s all just a choice to up level in life!  Begin today, and track how you FEEL, not just what you eat, and you’ll begin to see miraculous changes in your life!

Jen’s website – http://jenmarcohandy.wix.com/vocalbreakthroughNatalie Jill Rachel Maser 7 Day Jump Star Clean Eating Workout Plan

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