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30 Day Clean Eating Challenge Weight Loss Results
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Cindys 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge Review

Hi! My Name is Cindy Ruiz,

I’m a 53 year old Mother of 4 Children and Nana to 5 Grandchildren. My husband and I each lost 14 pounds and transformed our lifestyle with the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge and I’m excited to share how we did it with you!

First, a bit about me: I’ve been m
arried for 29 years to my amazing man. I enjoy camping, fishing and hanging out with my family, and being a Grandmother. I live in Southern California so I adore the Outdoors!

In 2003 I had a Life saving Surgery. I had my esophagus and stomach removed and they built me a new esophagus and stomach out of a piece of my colon. I know crazy right?!

Surgery Saved my life, But for the past 4 years I’ve struggled with pain and digesting food again. Junk food, for whatever reason digested well, No problems. So I thought I guess this is how I’ll eat. There was NO FOOD in My Food.

Clean Eating Challenge Tips

With my new parts, I no longer possess the enzymes to digest meat, poultry or pork so my diet became junk. I was a huge chip and dip girl! Any kind of chips, and cheese dips. I also chowed down on cereal and bread… oh how I loved bread. I was not cooking,  I was fast food’ing. I was malnourished and I was tired, and I felt depressed most of the time. I hated food  because I associated that with pain from my esophagus.

One night I was online and saw CleanFoodCrush – I was interested and I had never heard of Clean eating nor had I ever heard of Food Prep. I was intrigued and  joined for the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge.

30-Day Clean Eating Challenge Weight Loss

Not only did I start to feel life running back in my veins I had energy that I hadn’t had in years. At the end of the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge here were my results:

  • I was feeling WAY better!
  • I had energy again!
  • I was sleeping better than I had in years.
  • My skin cleared up and I started looking younger.
  • My hair stopped falling out.
  • One day I realized I hadn’t had a migraine in a month.
  • The 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge made such a difference in my life, so I  signed up for the Annual (Extended for 11 months). I sign up for everything new Rachel creates because it’s all been LIFE Changing for me!

Clean Eating Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup

Her recipes, videos and programs have been absolutely amazing for me! I had lost my desire too cook once all my kids moved out. To cook for just my hubby and me seemed silly. Rachel and her programs changed all of that for me, it’s like I’ve totally transformed my mindset around food. Today I LOVE cooking! Ready for recipes that are CLEAN and delicious? Try this Chicken Enchilada Soup. My health is better than it’s been in a very long time.

Cindy's 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge Results
I’ve lost 14 pounds and my hubby has Lost 14 pounds as well. He eats what I cook for me now. If anyone is contemplating joining contemplate no more and JOIN!

It’s 30 Days, give yourself 30 days and I promise the miracle will happen. Don’t forget to Drink your water. Food Prep is so key, and inside the program you’ll learn amazing Clean Recipes. You might just fall in love with cooking the way I did! I hope you do whatever it takes to be able to enjoy life and love every moment!

Be Well~
Cindy Ruiz
Palm Desert, CA

Rachel Maser 30 Day Challenge

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