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24May, 18
Clean Eating Diet for Weight Loss Tips

What if I told you you can eat to lose weight!? Clean eating has the power to increase energy, curb appetite, improve satiety, promote weight loss, and actually keep the weight off once it’s lost! There’s no secret to weight loss, but there is a strategy. Weight loss isn’t just about dieting, it’s about enjoying more »

17May, 18
Omega 3 super foods

Did you know that there is a correlation between chronic inflammation and weight gain!? When inflammation switches from acute to chronic, it goes from protective to harmful and is accompanied by a whole host of health issues. Weight gain, or the inability to lose weight are major issues that can accompany chronic inflammation. Weight is more »

6May, 18
clean eating gifts for mom

I’m actually logging off of social media for the entire weekend to simply be my favorite thing … a Mom… Happy Mother’s Day to all of my CFC momma friends, and especially the ones who feel like they are not doing the mom thing good enough…because I promise you, the fact that you care means more »

25Apr, 18
Body detox with clean eating

Whether through the air we breathe, cleaning products we use, food we eat, we come into both internal and external toxins and pollutants everyday. Fortunately, our body works daily to detoxify these toxins thanks to the work of the the liver, kidneys, intestines, blood, skin, lungs, and lymphatic system. But, these organs can become bogged more »

18Apr, 18

The concept of “eating seasonally” has long been utilized by many cultures and communities, and for good reason! Eating fruits and vegetables in season was commonplace before the rise of global commerce that made strawberries, tomatoes, and asparagus available in our supermarkets year round. And, while we totally agree that it is great to have more »

4Apr, 18
Six Easy Ways to Lose Weight with Clean Eating

Clean Eating is a guaranteed way to lose weight that works long-term. While massive calorie restriction may work for some, it’s never sustainable over a lifetime and often leads to more weight gain after the diet ends. Calorie restriction and fad diets often mess up your metabolism, leading to an even harder time shedding the more »

29Mar, 18
Soda water lime prevents weight gain and inflammation

Environmental factors, such as weight gain, a poor diet lacking fruits and vegetables, or over-consumption of processed foods and sugar, lack of activity, ongoing severe stress, air pollution, excessive alcohol, smoking, or excessive prescription drug consumption can lead to chronic inflammation. SO where does one even begin to reverse this process? Here are 8 SIMPLE more »

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